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  • SlayerStronghold -

    I would take bets that "ReluxTheRelux likes this." is the most common line on the forum right now.

  • Timlagor -

    I asked you some time ago to stop liking all my posts since your likes are meaningless and spam my notifications. Please stop again.

    • Perandus -

      I like that Relux likes everything. I don't like your dislike of Relux's likes like that. We need more people like Relux, like, totally.

  • Perandus -

    You can't possibly like every post.

    • ReluxTheRelux -

      I don't like EVERY post.

    • Deadjack -

      You like most post and sometime post that make no sense to like, for example my entry to the Collin giveaway

    • ReluxTheRelux -

      sorry, that must've been an accident since no other post is that thread (besides the main one is like)

    • Taqo -

      I agree with Perandus! haha! Same reason I went to your profile! Keep on liking everything!