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  • Firellius -

    Did you send out the rewards yet, by the way? I haven't gotten anything in my inbox, and due to earlier incidents, I'm a bit concerned that some of my in-game mail isn't coming through properly.

    • Eraia -

      Nope! I haven't had a chance. Been crazy busy. Sorry about that! (Only downtime I have is at work between moments of sheer insanity ;))

    • Firellius -

      Ah, okay. I was just checking, don't worry!

  • Spit -

    Hi Champ. Been playing with your plant deck which has been strong and fun. I wanted to share a couple of things I have been messing with because you posted that you where trying different things with the deck.

    -Threw in the Stampeding Wyldeboars and they are a strong card. With the arm equip they show up regularly and the card draw is nice. They are usually being plumped by Chloro and/or Creeper also. If you use the boot equip they stay on the board the second time around. If not, they keep getting bigger and bigger. Playing 1 moves each one up 4 spots so that when you play the first one they start coming around quickly from there.

    -Drokken works great also, they are usually zero cost or less in no time... but they're not a plant and blemish the theme.

    -Went to 4 Glimmerflys also, the card draw helps to thin the deck and get to the Wyldeboars and the good stuff faster and its just too nice of a card to only use 2.

    -Pulled the Cultivators which seemed lacking at times and put in Plant Gardens. Wanted some health gain and the Spore Stocks are a brutal finisher.

    Sorry for barging in but I didn't want to clog up the Arena decklist forum. Thanks again for a great deck. Cheers..

    Here's the current decklist if you are interested.!/deck=264807

    • Eraia -

      We must be playing the deck differently, I find the cultivators to be just about my biggest win condition. Especially against fights I can't kill early. Interesting. Thank you for sharing! I'll give some of those ideas a try as I find the cards.

    • Spit -

      I think you are right that we play differently, but I think that is largely due to the designs of the decks. It looks like you want to doodle with the Blightblossoms and seeds. I use Creeper, Blightbush, Fiddlers, and Sporeshambler to get control of board early game. As you know they are usually oversized so they can manage just fine. Then I work on making seeds with Aryndel, Dragons, and somewhat with Sporeshambler. Once you get seeds down messing with Blightblossoms and Deathcrys are pretty much an afterthought, and the AI usually stops attacking. Hold the board for 3 turns by keeping his face and troops busy with Boars. Boars fit great because the 3 cost slot was open and they also give you more draw and are giant, indestructible hammers. Once you play a couple, it seems like that's about all you draw from there. Then finish them off with your new army of Plants. I immediately pulled those 6 cost blossom making bushes right after I tried them because they were holding the deck back. At that point in the game, you should already have a bunch of seeds down which seems to me is what should be the focus and staying at 5 cost or less keeps you from stalling and really helps with the flow. The Plant Gardens, if you focus on seeds, pushes your health FAR out of reach, constantly in the 3 digit range. A Spore Stalk will end the game that turn. To recap, the plan is...

      1st - Get control of the board early
      2nd - Make seeds and beef troops/ gain huge chucks of life (the game is yours at this point)
      3rd - Keep them busy for 3 turns with Boars or anything else fun and expendable
      Endgame - Take a sec to admire your strange new army... Send them in.

      I love this deck and have been playing it non-stop for 3 days and am going to play it a bunch more after this. Excellent work and thanks again for posting your decklist.

      Let me know when you are done and I will delete this from your wall.

    • Eraia -

      no need to delete it - it's a fine addition to my wall. :)

      Good call on the plant gardens... forgot they gave health. That's a really good thought.

    • Spit -

      Pheromones on indestructible Stampeding WyldeBoars works great. The Boars get very big, somewhere in the teens or more (without the boot equip.) So now you get removal or board wipes with card draw, sweet. While all their stupids are ganging up on the Boar, all your other troops can attack unchallenged. Nice finisher.

  • Griffinheart -

    Congrats, Eraia. You won the design contest. Please confirm your in-game name and select your prize from the following cards:

    Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad
    Indigo Dreamweaver
    Augur of Sirion
    Zombie Plague

    P.S. My wife loves that you put your location as "Winterpeg, Manisnowba".

  • Zeph -

    This Stryuk guy is a nightmare. He will go on forever.

    • Eraia -

      that's fine, it's passed the time at work.