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  • [PSN]QBFinest718 -

    Hex browser was a good tool for look up the AH. Is there any other resource for this?

  • [PSN]QBFinest718 -

    Question. Why is Lazgar's Vengeance still being printed?
    I spend plat on Herofall packs and opened two with that worthless card.
    Feel like I've been cheated by receiving now a total of 3 banned cards that I cant even use.

  • Makiavel -

    Dino i send a ticket to suport, i lost my acc 2016 2017, i lost all my cards, i started again 3 days ago, but old acc have alot of cards and i spen some money too, can you help me?

  • tortino -

    Thanks for your help!

  • SlayerStronghold -

    Hey Dino, can we use Off-Topic for forum games?

    • Dinotropia -

      Sure thing!

    • SlayerStronghold -

      so... i am missing the create thread option on board 28 ...

  • KingGabriel -

    Fanciest. Dino. Ever.