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  • OblivionCubed -

    Is there some other form I should use to get customer service? I sent a chat over a week ago with no reply and I couldn't find an email option.

  • Gogetassjfour -

    hello i would like a refund who do i talk to

  • Nighthazer -

    Can you help me with my account issue? I tried to contact you in a few different ways.
    I would really appreciate it if you want to solve this problem with me.

    Thank you

  • DivineKnight -

    Hello i was just wondering if you could take a look at my post when you have the time. I just downloaded Hex Shards of Fate on my PC and im having some major issues.

    My post called Hex Shards OF Fate PC problem and its under Bugs and tech issues.


  • choppertochuck -

    Any word on what's going on with the ccs for 5/16 5/17? No one can join except 1 person somehow,no one received entry tickets,and there was no qualifier list posted.

  • Stevenlol -

    The sight said to contact you here. sooooo yah, that is what I am doing. How am I going to buy the 2500 platinum deck in the game if the limit is 2000 when buying via: pay-pal or cards? Needing only 500P more to go... why even put a limit only at $20? I play games around $500 a pop at other times. Please help me with this situation. Only re buying since I not played over 3 years and I take it that you guys had a wipe or something cause I had almost all cards in the game at that time before stopping playing. Sooooo yah, give me at lest a $5 more limit here to get that cool pack that I am wanting. All that I am asking. lol Thanks much Dinotropia

  • SeiferVIII -

    Good Day Sir, I am a Streamer on Mixer with 1200 Followers," mixer.com/SeiferVIII" I played Hex Shard of Fate for the first time after the beta during a live stream, and I had around 35 viewers all the time. People seems to like this game and I like it too.
    Do you have any kind of partnership for streamer or collaboration?
    If you dont have no problem.
    wish you a great day

  • LionHeartSqual -

    Hi Dino, dunno if this is even possible as of today but I'll ask anyway. When I first started to play this game I had an account (I think it was called Sprezzante or something similar) and it got banned cause I purchased plat from third parties one time. As the game is kind of dead is it possible to unban that account so I can enjoy playing?
    Well, whatever the answer, thanks

  • DarkKnight -

    It said reach the billing limit when I purchase platium

  • TheFrostDragon -

    I used to play this on my Mac but it doesn't work on MacOS Catalina. Any idea when the game will be updated for the current MacOS?

  • Linux -

    Thanks for the help Dino!

  • Linux -


    Link with the relative mail

  • Linux -

    Dino can u help me? got the same problem again with C.O.D, i thought the problem was solved on it, used c.o.d like 10 times last week but same thing happened again :/

  • NightmareHitomi -

    So, uhh, when is the CCS?

  • woodelf -

    hello could you take some time to say yes or no to my replay mode request thank to you

  • Longshot -

    Can you give me a good contact for the tech support the link on the site doesn't work.

    • Dinotropia -

      If you PM your issue to me here on the forums, I will do what I can to help you out.

  • NightmareHitomi -

    I've been having awful time loading matches for years now, can something be done about it?

  • NightmareHitomi -

    If I have a suggestion should I just send it to you? It's about ViP AAs, and making them more accessible to collectors while also selling ViP memberships.

    • Dinotropia -

      Sure, send me a PM. I can't promise anything, but I will read your suggestion.

  • stupidity -

    HI again! I contacted you by PM but maybe it's not PM after all because I don't see it anymore :s . I'm still stuck about my new account and I need to restore the old one, what I must do? ^^"
    Thanks you!

    • Dinotropia -

      I replied to your PM! Let me know if you don't see it.

    • stupidity -

      Yes I see it, sorry, it's a while I wasn't here, thanks

  • woodelf -

    hello i m Streamer of hex and can i have posibility to see replay match.
    woodelf in hex and woodelf7 in twitch tv

  • NightmareHitomi -

    Mail is so broken, when is it getting fixed?

  • [PSN]QBFinest718 -

    Does Dino not like me, don't think he answered one post of mine, ever!?

  • NightmareHitomi -

    Access to the game is still broken.

  • MasAsaM -

    hi there. Need a bit of help. I managed to login to the site, but cant enter the game. Forever loading time. I reinstalled hex from beginning and its the same. Canu you please contact some1 or send me some advice?

    • Dinotropia -

      We have rebooted the login servers. Things should be cleared up now. Please let me know if you still have trouble logging in.

  • QBFinest -

    Is Hex Primal working anymore?

  • QBFinest -

    Dino has the end of the month Five shard tournament been removed?

    Also can you direct me to the top 64 players for the November Cosmic Showdown winners?

    • tribopower -

      need to know too

    • Dinotropia -

      We will have the top 64 post up tomorrow (Monday 11/11).

  • [PSN]QBFinest718 -

    Hex browser was a good tool for look up the AH. Is there any other resource for this?

  • [PSN]QBFinest718 -

    Question. Why is Lazgar's Vengeance still being printed?
    I spend plat on Herofall packs and opened two with that worthless card.
    Feel like I've been cheated by receiving now a total of 3 banned cards that I cant even use.

    • tribopower -

      sadly that card is banned yet cards like herofall, eyes of heart and other absolutly bonkers no counter cards are still in play with normal use, sorry to hear that you got 3 of it.

    • [PSN]QBFinest718 -

      lol, some dummy bought all my copies lol

  • Makiavel -

    Dino i send a ticket to suport, i lost my acc 2016 2017, i lost all my cards, i started again 3 days ago, but old acc have alot of cards and i spen some money too, can you help me?

  • tortino -

    Thanks for your help!