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  • tortino -

    Hello! Sorry to bother you.. I am old player who purchased 250+250 tier during KS campaign. My account seems disappeared even if i played merged account, retrieved rewards…) at least 1 -2 years ago. I coudln't even log into the site. Could you help me anyway? I can show the receipe of purchases i made during the campign. Thanks in advance, have a nice day! (This is a temporary account i had to make to contact you, sorry)

  • SlayerStronghold -

    Hey Dino, can we use Off-Topic for forum games?

    • Dinotropia -

      Sure thing!

    • SlayerStronghold -

      so... i am missing the create thread option on board 28 ...

  • KingGabriel -

    Fanciest. Dino. Ever.