The Cornerstone - HEX Community

    • The Cornerstone - HEX Community

      The Cornerstone is a HEX community.
      We are more than a guild.
      We are made up of many talented PvP and PvE players.
      We initially focused on "aging gamers" but we have community members of all ages that simply enjoy HEX, and gaming.

      If you are looking for a community of players to share ideas with and get help from.
      If you are looking for a community to trade with.
      If you want an active chat interface, both VOIP and Text, that archives
      Then I think you've found the right home.

      How do you join?
      We do not discriminate, within reason (other than you being a meanie )
      Simply add a post below telling us a little about yourself, and how you consume HEX, and what it would mean to you to join the community.
      If you rather not publicly share it here, send me a conversation on these forums with the info.

      How to participate?
      In 2017 we will be discontinuing our WebHosting and Forum space.
      We've found that our Discord Server serves for all needs we have as a community.
      The only request is that once you send your interest in joining, that you participate on our Discord server.
      Once you have been accepted - I will send you a forum conversation here, with a link to our Discord server, and you will be added to our community roster there.

      We look forward to growing our community, and providing a fun interactive place for you to play HEX and other games.
      (We currently have over 100 members, with 30-50 active on any given day)

      Nicosharp - PvE Noob
    • I'd be interested in joining The Cornerstone community ^^

      I'm a super casual streamer, mostly I like to have Twitch up when I play and occasionally there won't be a Hex stream on so I'll show off my fancy new PvE/PvP decks that way.

      I'm a heavy PvE enthusiast, I wasn't around when Hex was up and coming but I can see how the promise of this experience would cause people to support it and make Hex what it is today. I was introduced to Hex through a PvE youtube content producer SeriousBsnsGames, it's what brought me to Hex and I'll always enjoy grinding away at FRA or flavor of the year Campaign encounter. 3/4 Uruunaz winrate so far :) I haven't had an opportunity to test them yet but I really enjoy theory crafting raid decks, a modified version of my constant combo deck for multiplayer looks the most promising so far and I really look forward to the day we get to see it in action!

      I dabble in PvP, not super competitive but I've gotten to Cosmic in the constructed ladder every season so far, looking forward to in game rewards beyond the Cosmic Crown as rarely will I be even near the top 64, I do enjoy end of season "fun" decks in the ladder still (I'm sure people grinding for top 64 enjoy them too -.-). As for limited I'll never turn down a draft/evo code from the twitch giveaways or account leveling, but outside of release events I haven't been too interested in them, though I think I may do the Hex Clash 1k Sealed events regularly for a chance at the ridiculously awesome rewards.

      If EDH or similar format was around I'd be game for that, Wild West (no clue why they call it that, better than PvEvP I guess) would also interest me.

      I'm a college student currently, so I'm usually available US Evening and Weekends, I do donate plasma twice a week so less active on those days. In my free time I do stand up comedy, design generative algorithms for games mostly for first time developers, and consult on technical hurdles they may face, pride myself in finding eloquent solutions to problems in the field. Someday, I would like to develop my own game.

      I've had overwhelmingly positive experience with Hex communities, they've really elevated the Hex experience for me. Finding people who want to see new ideas for decks in Hex or to trade with is always nice, discussing new cards or updates in discord is particularly nice since in game chat isn't so reliable and of course many people play Hex at different times and it's nice to be able to interact with them as well, time zones and work and so on. Also a huge fan of your PvE streams and articles! Hoping into a stream one day to find you running my Ruby Constants FRA deck, and later rating it as Tier 1, certainly felt like my biggest achievement in Hex to date. I plan on contributing further in similar ways and hopefully new PvE content through a campaign update or Set 6+ chest rewards will inspire me to make something great.
    • I'd like to join.
      I'm mostly looking for constructed discussion, deck-building and testing for the big tournaments and a couple of people said I should join.
      Card loans could also be good: I have a decent collection but still struggle to get the last cards for decks.

      I'm already a not-hugely-active member of TUC if that's an issue.

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    • Hi,

      I was part of the cornerstone just after the Kickstarter. After quite some break from the game, I would like to join you again. I will play cuasually, do some PVE (still in my first playthrough), PVP, and trying to do some tournaments as much as possible.
      Hope to join you again and see you on the discord.

    • I'd be interested. I was a kickstarter backer and have been playing pretty regularly since alpha, mostly on my lonesome. I mix pretty evenly between PvP (mainly constructed) and PvE, and would mainly be interested in having people to discuss decks/bounce ideas off of. I play a couple of times a week, mostly evenings EST, sometimes more, sometimes less (Right now probably more. Woo new set!).

    • Greetings Nico,

      Thanks for the info in your stream tonight. I have been connected with the guys at Hex since before Cryptozoic was even a company. I was actually in the office the day that the KS launched and I am often up on Wednesday nights for game night. I am 99.99% a PvE player. Although I use my 2 weekly drafts to get the rares and cards I need I have only a couple times actually played in the draft. I'm a terrible deck builder...ha!

      I have played/been part of the TCG community since first playing Star Trek CCG back in the mid-90's.

      With all that said, I enjoy the interaction within a guild/community and miss it much while playing Hex, although I get some of that fix by watching streams as I play. What I've been wanting is a more focused conversation as I play and build decks.

      Im in my late 40's and I work full time as a pastor at a church in No. San Diego County.

      Thanks for considering this request...see you all in game and in the streams.
    • Good day to you Nico,

      I would like to be part of this community and would take part as often as I can, I'm currently a 23 year soldier deployed overseas and now that I have two PvP decks, I've been passing my limited off time with the game and having a blast.

      I've played quite a few TCG's, CCG's and even LCG's (Android:Netrunner) since I was just past being a pre-teen and I would very much like a community where I can bounce ideas off and have some more people to talk to. I really want to stop slightly annoying my friends with talk of the game and would very much appreciate a place where I can talk of the game with people of more mutual interests.

      Looking forward from reading from you,

    • Hellow.

      I would like to take part of the guild because RomoSJR invited me and sounds fun. I really like the game, and having a place to talk about it should be great.
      I m 28, from Argentina and this is the first time i play a TCG seriously.
      I m mostly a PVP player, i play alot of limited and constructed. I have played in all the CCS and i was 8 in one :)

      I hope we can get along really well :D
    • I am totally interested in this. I was not fully aware that this was a feature when i started my thread in general about getting together a small community group. This is basically what I'm looking for. Largashbur pointed me in this direction.

      I'm 37, i am a gamer at heart, but rarely game with folks IRL anymore. I miss the community of sitting around having a few beers, talking and having fun.

      The fact you guys are active on Discord is a huge plus to me, as it is an ideal platform for online interaction imho. I'm active in 2 other groups (friends and coworkers stuff) and lurk in others.

      I'm not really interested in super competitive tourney play, but ill dabble in ladder and such. I'm mainly looking for casual fun games, a voice chat and such to hangout in. That way we can have that kitchen table/game room feel without the stuffy card shops full of 6yr old try hards.

      I played MTG "in the good ol days" beta/revised up through about 10yrs ago. If your older you might remember Jahad, Doomtown, and legends of 5 rings also. HEX is the only digital game I've tried which gives me the feel of those games. Plus all the extra digital bits are great.

      Look forward to joining if you will have me, and becoming part of the community.

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    • I would love to have a community to play this game with. Its difficult for me to find local TCG groups to interact with and I love playing Hex.

      I just really like playing tcgs. I struggle to keep up with metas and card releases but nothing beats constructing a deck and playing a few rounds with friends.

      I'm 26 from Canada, hoping to make new friends so I can keep playing this game and have a reason to log on more often.
    • Hey,
      I'm new to the game. I'm mostly an MTG player, but going to LGS's is becoming tiresome. I'm 36 and I'd rather just grind away at the house. I love all aspects of this game. I'm looking for a guild or group that can help me efficiently grind away until I can get to a point where I can PvP well. I've already built up over 25k in gold, but I'm not sure the best way to use it.

      While playing MTG, I speculated, bought collections, etc. to fund the habit. I'm looking for the same here. I'm looking to completely immerse myself in the game, community, and economy.

      Let's get rolling! Looking forward to joining in on the fun.
    • Hello all,

      My name is Matt (handle: Promises). I started playing MTG when I was about 8, and began playing competitively around nemesis block. At the age of 15 I was able to win a JSS qualifier, and competed in San Diego in the Championship, getting to meet a lot of my Magic heroes while there, including Richard Garfield and Jon Finkel. Unfortunately, in my senior year of high school I managed to have every card of value I owned die in a horrible "left the tournament with the collection still on the roof of the car" accident. Which basically ended my Magic Career.

      Since then, I have been an avid video gamer, drowning my free time in games like Diablo, Starcraft, and Hearthstone.

      Until about a month ago when I found Hex. While Hearthstone served its purpose, it never really struck that strategic chord that MTG did for me in my youth. Hex allowed me to rediscover the excitement and fun of the card game of my childhood, but in an intuitive PC game package, complete with a fun PvE mode.

      I just recently accomplished reaching Cosmic in limited, and am currently scrapping together cards for some ladder decks.

      Playing MTG with my friends at the local card shop, or spending the night at a friends house, staying up until 6am theory crafting new decks to take the next Type 2 tournament, or testing our PTQ decks, was some of the most fun I have ever had, and I will always cherish those memories.

      And now, i'm ready to try to do the same thing with Hex. I'm just looking for a good, friendly group of people to joke around with while we discuss limited, or test ladder decks. I would love to be a part of this community.

      Also, as a final note, big shoutout to JeffHoogland, Nicosharp, and Noxious, for advertising the game, putting the hours in to write insightful articles, and assist the newer players just arriving. Without you guys Hex would be alot worse off. #Loveyourguys'stuffKeepitup
    • Hi,

      I'd certainly love to join the guild/community. I've recently picked up Hex, ~1 month ago, after starting competitive MTG just under 5 years ago.

      The idea of a community suited towards 'ageing gamers' is something I'd be very interested in, given my commitments to work and studying.

      Having a community to fully immerse myself into for Hex would be fantastic. Coming from MTG where there is a wealth of information available, articles, forums, videos etc, I am itching to learn as much as possible about Hex and this seems like a great way.

    • Hey,

      I'm interested in joining the community as well. I've been playing Hex for just a couple weeks now and just hit Cosmic this season. Though, I'm new to Hex, I have about 10 years experience with the competitive MTG scene but I haven't played magic for about 3 years now. I've been looking for a group to play test with and to shoot ideas off of for constructed as well as to get to know the limited format.

      I am located on the east coast and I usually am on from around 8pm to 12 am every night but that is pretty flexible because of my job and my 6 month old.


    • Definitely interested - I recognize several of you from either watching streams or seeing you participate in mine. I'm mainly a competitive PvP player and stream 3 nights a week. Any opportunities to bounce ideas, trade cards outside of the AH and get some games in is appreciated, and this seems like a group of like-minded folks that share said interest.

      I'm on the west coast (Seattle), playing between 7p and 12a most nights. Outside of Hex, I'm an active MtG judge.
    • Nico, we've made brief contact on Discord already.

      I'd like to put my hat into the ring for guild membership as I'm looking for a group of experienced players to help me along the way with my adventures through Hex. I am a brand new player (only having just discovered the game earlier in the week). Currently I'm just trying to absorb as much information and content about the game as possible (via reading forums and especially articles). Making my way (slowly) through AZ1 at the moment but overall I'm most excited to get into constructed and potentially draft in the future.

      I'm going to keep this short for now, I'd like to meet everyone on Discord!
    • Heya,

      I have met one member of the community today on discord and he invited me to write to this forum and the community really sounds appealing :).

      Short details about myself:
      - MtG player with limited time on fridays (you know what I'm talking about :D)
      - Playing HEX since .... I don't really know. Some while :).
      - Mainly constructed player
      - Cosmic since 2016 last season ^^
      - Most of the time looking for a nice chat

      Looking forward to hearing from you :)