Winner is the Judge - April 25th - May 2nd

    • Winner is the Judge - April 25th - May 2nd

      The Rules:
      Design a card (or possibly multiple cards) that meets the design constraint described below. The one that I like the best is the winner. You may submit multiple entries, but please be considerate of your fellow players and don't go overboard. In the case of multiple entries, you will still receive one prize at most.

      In addition to any listed prizes, the winner then creates a thread for the next round, creates a new design constraint, and the game continues.

      Design Constraint:
      Feast of Abundance is in full swing right now with a surprisingly amusing card that I have been abusing in shin'hare decks. But in general, HEX holidays always give out unique cards that are usually cool, build-around-me cards. So your job this time is to design a Holiday PVE card that would hypothetically be given during a holiday event of your choice.

      In your entry, you must design the PVE Holiday card and you should state the holiday for your card if it is not obvious. In addition, you should also suggest the two pieces of equipment that would accompany your card. I will accept entries without equipment, though.

      Reference and Examples:
      Here is a list of the currently celebrated HEX holidays and examples of cards from each of those holidays.
      • Ardor Day: Pucid the Matchmaker, Pucid's Whispers
      • Feast of Abundance: Fruit of Symeon, Egg Hunt
      • Questmas: Entrath Settlers
      • Sea Festival: Brewmaster Buzzlebeard
      • Haunted Harvest: Harvester's Reaper, Stingy Jack
      • Night of the Bells: Uncle Sparklestaff, Pappy Jasper

      I apologize, but the cards don't seem to be showing up in the card database for easy linking, but they can be seen at You can also search for old articles on this site that would describe the lore of each of the holidays in more detail.

      1st place: Feste (because he's feste-ive!) + Scars of War Booster Pack

      In addition, my favorite entry for each holiday will get a play set of the holiday cards with entry for that holiday (unless you would like to opt out)

      All prizes will be given out at the conclusion of the contest.

      The contest ends on May 2nd, 12:00 pm PST. I'll then announce the winner that afternoon/night and deliver all prizes soon after.

      Have fun!!

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    • Name: Sparklestaff's Swap
      Cost: 2 [RUBY] [DIAMOND]
      Rarity: Rare
      Type: Constant - Unique
      Text: At the beginning of each player's turn, instead of drawing a card they look at the top card of each player's deck. They then choose Naughty or Nice.
      Flavor Text: "During the Night of Bells it is not only customary to give gifts but to take other's gifts"

      Naughty: Select one of the displayed cards and put it into your opponents hand, it loses all thresholds, place the other card at the bottom of the respective players deck then select a card your opponent controls, put that card into your hand, it loses all thresholds.

      Nice: Select one of the displayed cards and put it into your hand, it loses all thresholds, place the other card on the top of the respective players deck.

      Grinch's Shoes (Feet): Nice text becomes "Put both cards into your hand, they lose all thresholds"

      Festivus Pole (Weapon): Naughty text becomes "Select one of the displayed cards and put it into your opponents hand, it loses all thresholds and gets cost +1, place the other card at the bottom of the respective players deck then select a card your opponent controls, put that card into your hand, it loses all thresholds and gets cost -1.

      Usually I like to mull things over when creating cards but this one just popped into my head, a holiday card theme'd around a Yankee Swap/White Elephant.

      On another note, if you are waiting for your prizes from the last contest I am just waiting to here from @faceremover to distribute the rest of them.
    • I'm making this entry for Arbor Day.

      Entry Card

      Name: Endless Forest
      Cost: 5
      Threshold Requirement: [BLOOD] [DIAMOND] [SAPPHIRE] [RUBY] [WILD]
      Type: Constant
      Rarity: legendary
      Ability: When you stop having control of a troop in play expect by sacrificing it or using it to block than conjure a random tree.
      Favor Text: Sometimes even the trees fight back. - a book of warnings

      Since I don't know the types of trees that would be on the world of Hex: Shards of Fate and the various lists of types of trees are not even all that helpful for what they are meant for, I'm not going to list any possible troop - tree cards. Just know that there is suppose to be at least 1 for every possible Threshold Requirement.


      Card that gets Equipped: Endless Forest
      Name: Green Thumb
      Slot: gloves
      Ability: Every troop that is deployed by anybody causes a random tree to be summoned for each respective deck user.

      Card that gets Equipped: Endless Forest
      Name: Forestized Saddles
      Slot: feet
      Ability: Deploy: Troops in your hand respectively become the tree with the same Threshold Requirement.
    • @invinible I believe you misread... the Hex holiday is 'Ardor day' not 'Arbor day' and is the equivalent of Valentine's Day.

      This is a tough challenge... these cards seem like they'd be easy to make but they really aren't. :)

      Sea Festival:

      Portsmeare 'Chef'
      Human Mage
      3 [ATTACK] /2 [DEFENSE]
      3 Cost, [DIAMOND] Threshold

      Deploy: Create three random Dishes and put them into play under your control.

      These dishes will put hair on your feet, meat on your chest, and a fire in your bones. Or something like that.

      Spicy Kraken Calamari
      Artifact - Dish
      1 Cost

      [BASIC] 2 cost - Sacrifice Spicy Kraken Calamari. Stun target opposing troop. It gets -1 defense. Add 2 Burning Tokens to its controller.
      It burns and it freezes, precious...

      Kraken Kabob
      Artifact - Dish
      1 Cost

      Sacrific Kraken Kabob. Remove all damage from target troop you control. That troop gets +2 attack.
      Mmm... delicious! And the skewer makes a great poking stick!

      "Seafood" Stew
      Artifact - Dish
      1 Cost

      3-Shot - 3 cost. Stun 3 target troops. Each troop randomly gets between -2 and +2 attack. Apply one of the following effects at random to each troop:
      Return the troop to its controller's hand. Opposing champions can see this card while it is in your hand.
      The troop gets Flight.
      The troop gets "When this attacks, it deals it's [ATTACK] - 1 to a random champion or troop."

      When "Seafood" Stew has no more uses remaining of its payment power, sacrifice it.
      They claim it has Seafood in it, but we're not so sure...

      Kraken-Hide Oven Mitts (Glove)
      Portsmeare 'Chefs' also have "Deploy: Create 3 random Dishes and put them in your deck. These dishes get 'When you play this, draw a card' and 'When you play this, target Portsmeare 'Chef' you control gets +1 [ATTACK] /+1 [DEFENSE] '".

      Sous-Chef's Tools (Weapon)
      Porstmeare 'Chefs' also have "When you sacrifice a dish, add a Chef token to this. If you have three or more Chef tokens, remove all Chef Tokens and summon a Portsmeare 'Chef'.

      The card on its own is probably pretty weak, although fun. With the equipment though, they eventually fill your deck with 1 cost artifacts that buff your chefs and allow you to summon more and more and more chefs.
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.

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    • invinible wrote:

      No, Eraia, I definitely meant Arbor Day not Ardor Day as I was going for the holiday that was created to promote the planting of new trees.
      I know you meant that, I was just saying that's not a Hex holiday... that's all. There is no 'Arbor day' in hex...
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
    • Festival: Haunted Harvest

      Card name: Lady Tylmarande
      [Blocked Image:]
      Trait:Troop- Undead Elf Vampire Cleric
      Threshold: [BLOOD]
      Cost: 1
      [ATTACK] 1/ [DEFENSE] 1
      trait: [FLIGHT] [LIFEDRAIN]
      Diligence- choose between Nightfall, or Paladin of the Night
      Nightfall- you may put target troop with undead trait from a crypt into your hand.
      Paladin of the Night- transform Lady Tylmarande into Paladin of the Night

      Description: in live, a high lady of elven race. in death, a high lady in vampire rank.

      Card name: Paladin of the Night
      [Blocked Image:]
      Trait:Troop- Undead Elf Vampire Cleric
      Threshold: [BLOOD] [BLOOD]
      Cost: 5
      1/ 1
      Paladin of the Night gain +1/+1 for each undead troop your control, if you control more then 5 undead troop Paladin of the night gain [INVINCIBLE] [SPELLSHIELD]
      Description: The champion of the night

      Festival: Night of the Bells
      Card name: Unholy Rapture
      [Blocked Image:]
      Type: Constant
      Threshold: [DIAMOND]
      Cost: 2
      Description: When an living creature enter crypt, add a rapture counter to this.
      [BASIC] :Remove three rapture counter from this, put target living creature from crypt into play. target troop become necrotic.
      Description: the rapture is here!

      Festival: Ardor Day

      Card name: evermore
      [Blocked Image:]
      Type: Constant
      Threshold: [BLOOD] [WILD] [DIAMOND] [SAPPHIRE] [RUBY]
      Cost: 4
      [BASIC] exhaust a prince and a princess you control. other troop under your control get [INVINCIBLE] [SPELLSHIELD] [STEADFAST] this turn.
      Description: They live happy ever after


      [u]Festival: Sea Festival[/u]
      Card name: Sea Grave
      [Blocked Image:]
      Type: Constant
      Cost: 2
      When an troop would enter crypt, void it instead.
      Description: A sailor lives a happy life. free of land bounds toil and strife. the soil he tills will be his grave. Over the sea's and far away.

      [u][u]Festival:[/u] Feast of Abundance

      Card name: New Era
      [Blocked Image:]
      Type: Constant
      Threshold: none
      Cost: 1
      When a card with mother or queen in its name enter play, create 2 love child.
      Description: The beginning of a new ear is coming!


      [u][u]Festival:[/u][/u] Questmas
      Card name:Don Quixote

      [Blocked Image:]

      Type: Avatar of courage
      Threshold: none
      Cost: 5
      [ATTACK] 5/ [DEFENSE] 5
      Trait: [INVINCIBLE]
      Diligence- summon a random troop with knight in its name into play under your control.
      Oh thou bleak and unbearable world,Thou art base and debauched as can be;And a knight with his banners all bravely unfurled. Now hurls down his gauntlet to thee!
    • Questmas

      Cerberus Engine, 1
      Artifact - Engine

      Deckbuilding: Choose another one of your decks to be your Cerberus deck.

      Deploy - Void all cards in your hand, crypt, and deck. Your resources become <0/0>. Create seven Punches and 3 Vulnerabilities and put them into your deck. Put five random cards from your Cerberus deck into the Line-Up zone. Draw five cards.

      Skip your draw step.

      At the end of each of your turns, discard your hand and draw five cards. Then, if there are fewer than five cards in the Line-Up, put random cards from your Cerberus deck into the Line-Up until there are five cards there.

      If you would draw a card from an empty deck, put each card in your crypt into your deck, then draw a card instead.

      You may play cards from the Line-Up. If you would play a card from the Line-Up, put that card into your crypt instead. (The card does not get played.) It loses all thresholds, and its cost becomes 0.

      (3) -> Create a Kick and put it into your crypt.

      Created Cards

      Punch, 0
      Basic Action
      Gain <1/0>

      Vulnerability, 0
      Basic Action
      (This card does nothing.)

      Kick, 0
      Basic Action
      Gain <2/0>


      Boots of the Streamlined Engine (Feet)
      Your Cerberus Engines instead have "(2) -> Create a Kick and put it into your crypt."

      Armor of Anti-fun-ruining (Chest)
      Your Cerberus Engines can't leave play or transform.
    • The grand Prize winner this time is Eraia's Portsmeare "Chef". It does a good job with the flavor. Despite having a lot of different abilities, they are appropriately tied together through the theme of suspect "food".

      A close second goes to TheGreatLionII for turning HEX into a deck building game like the DC Comics deck building game. This really hit on the theme of Questmas of paying homage to other boardgames. My criticism of the card basically just comes from how much rules complexity this card entails. Whereas Entrath Settlers still basically plays a game of HEX, Cerberus Engine completely subverts the rules and card costing of HEX. Anyways, because I liked the idea so much, I'll throw in a runner-up prize of a Scars of War Booster Pack.

      So since there aren't too many entries, I'll take your requests for the Holiday card participation prizes. If there is a playset of a particular holiday card with equipment you'd like from the list in the original post, let me know and I'll get it to you. You can message me via the forums or ingame.

      So again, congrats, Eraia, you are the judge of the next round.
    • Woo thank you! :)

      I won't have time today since I'm about to start streaming for the evening, and tomorrow I have a job interview. But I'll get the next contest up definitely by the weekend, hopefully sooner.
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.