Found a new bug between Bride of the Damned and Copycat

    • Found a new bug between Bride of the Damned and Copycat

      Found a bug with copycat when i stole it from my opponent during the final game of the first arcanum vault today. The first bug appeared when i stole his copycat with my bride and then as it entered play I selected my opponents' empress of ice. the copycat momentarily copied the empress of ice and then glitched back to the original copycat (the opponents' empress of ice was not a copycat originally, it was in fact an empress of ice, but this was the second time the empress had been targeted by the same copycat). I added a screen shot of this (entitled bug report 1). In the following match, I stole his copycat twice, both times targeting my own bride of the damned. First time worked, but the second copycat once again glitched and failed when it targeted the bride of the damned (once again, second time I used copycat on the same target). I also included a screenshot of this one (see bug report 2). So, it seems that when you steal copycat with bride of the damned, if you chose a target that has already been targeted by a previous copycat it bugs out and fails to copy the target.
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