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      Since we have a new forum and I know a lot of people don't know about it, hexprice has now a beta running with a new version that will replace the current site sometime in the future. The site was rebuild from the ground-up to use the live AH data HexEnt is supplying. It also is written with speed in mind to make searching for cards and looking up prices as snappy as possible. Here is the original post I made about it on reddit

      Hello everyone,
      As some of you may know, the hex team has made live auction house data available to anyone who wants to consume it.
      Obviously hexprice will make use of this new feature and the first beta is now online: beta.hexprice.com/
      For now you can only search the live data through the searchbar on top, but in the future I want to add many features including
      • E-mail notifications on price-alerts, sold items, being out-bid, ect.
      • See if items sell and for what price (including historical data)
      • Custom sorting, searching, ect
      • Better overview pages for both cards and sets
      • Much, much more
      With the new site I also switched to Angular and .net core. A bit technical, but the site should perform better than the old one.
      If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

      Since then I made small improvements over the last two months, which you can read about on the site itself. The next update should bring historical data (most likely up to 31 days, not decided yet) and after that I want to work on accounts and the more nifty features like notifications.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.
      Live auction house data: hexprice.com
    • Added "sold out items" page which shows all items that are currently not listed on the auction house (either for gold or plat). Also added "type" column to search results.

      Note that only items that were previously listed are shown on the "sold out" page.

      Also changed the domain so that the beta is now the main site. The old hex auction house dump is not available anymore, which means the older site is not getting updated anymore.
      Live auction house data: hexprice.com
    • Hello Kroan, i would kindly ask, if do i (will i) found some kind of price history of a card? It was a great help for me to check the reality of a price when i buying or selling, as i am not in the game daily to follow the trends. Maybe the lifetime average price is not useful, but the last 7/30/180 days would be fine for me.

      thank you
    • gonna cross-post here since I just noticed this thread and it seems more appropriate here...

      I've been making a ton of use of the set pages for finding pricing for uncommons/commons. It would be nice, in time, to have the ability to filter out by rarity, but sorting is sufficient to be useful.

      The one thing I'd love to see on the set pages is some indication of how salable the item actually is(number of trades in past 24 hours, average price over past week, or something like that).

      Either way, I really love the set pages. They make posting my uncommons for gold so much easier.
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    • You ask, we build :P

      On to the changelist:
      - Set details now show data from yesterday -> Median and Volume. If no sale is available it will show "n/a"
      - It is now possible to filter on name and rarity column. I had to put in a little hack to enable searching for only commons since the word "common" is also in "uncommon". If you now fill in "common" it will ONLY search on commons.
      - I changed how links work in tables. You now have to click the name. Clicking the row won't do anything anymore. However you can now, for example, open cards in a new tab by right-clicking (or middle-clicking).
      - Treasure Chests are now filtered out of the Top 10's, since the data from them is pretty useless. (All Treasure Chests share the same data, so there is no distinguishing them in the current api messages)

      Note that median and volume are based on plat-transactions. I guess volume should include gold as well. This might be changed in an update :) (Though i'm reluctant to add even more columns)
      Live auction house data: hexprice.com

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    • Thank you for all the work you've put in on this... is there any chance you could separate the kickstarter pve cards into their own category so they don't plug the other pages up awkwardly?

      I don't know if that's possible at all, but it'd be so awesome. lol

      (same for the event pve cards actually - be great to be able to see those in their own category too, but I dunno how much info things give you)
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.