A few suggestions to the auction house

    • A few suggestions to the auction house

      I would really like to Have a "Hide Collected" checkbox which automaticaly filters our all Cards of which you have allready more then 4.
      Also an extra row which shows how much I own of each card instead of hovering over every single card and wait to see how much i own of them. Its just really annoying and time consuming.

      Also it would be AWESOME if you would let people sell more then 1 card at one (your QUANTITY row) instead of letting people spam in every single card they own.
      It's just annoying to look for cards i don't own and then beeing confronted by 250 pages of Acorns :/

      If you cant allready manage to let people sell the same cards in one stack allready, then please PLEASE limit how much cards people can put into the action house. Its not needed that people spam the action house with 50 of the same card. (maybe bind it to the account level, each 10 level = 5 slots, or something like that)

      I would really like to hear about your suggestions how to tune up the auction house!

      Greets Odai

    • I use HexTCGbrowser's auction house UI. It's much better.

      I like your first two suggestions (hide collected option and show collected column), but I would replace your third suggestion (restrict the number of cards we can sell) with the old show cheapest only option. So if there are 5 shield bots in the auction house, then the auction house would only show the cheapest 1. Hex removed that option because it was bugged and only showed the most expensive item, which, together with some greedy players, created a new kind of scam.

      Give HexTCGbrowser a try. It's pretty good.

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