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      Every player that wants to share feelings, improvements or adress mistakes can report these issues on the Translation Bugs section with the appropriate language flag and a representant may have a look on reports time to time.
      One major obstacle hindering the ability to report translation bugs under the appropriate language flag is the fact that not all client localisation languages are equally represented in the new forums. Polish, Portuguese and Turkish players no longer have a forum language filter (which existed under the previous Gameforge forums), and therefore can not report bugs in those languages (or have any dialogue in those languages at all within these forums for that matter).
      @Dinotropia this is a quoted post asking if there's a possibility to add missing languages in the board settings?
    • Only partially related to the forums, but putting this here because it does affect my forums experience:

      On the Hex Website Login page (where you go to login to the forums), could you please turn the 3 fields into a real HTML form rather than just plain input tags that are then processed by javascript? The reason I'm asking is that without a real form, Chrome (and I would assume some other browsers too) will not use autocomplete, pre-fill the email address, or ask to save the password. While it is only moderately acceptable on desktop because I have a full keyboard, on mobile it becomes a real pain because I tend to use passwords that are actually secure (all sorts of crazy symbols and 16+ characters), and having to type such a password on my phone every time I want to login (because I get logged out from the phone when I login at my PC) is very tedious. You basically don't need to change any of the javascript and backend logic to the login process, just to add the proper <form> tags around the fields.
    • Is there anyway the block feature can be expanded to just remove the users messages from even appearing in the threads I read. Having it hidden with an option to expand is okay but sometimes curiosity gets the better of me. Also when people have blocked triggering the 'unread thread' tab is frustrating because I click on it expecting to see a post of something I possibly want to engage in and generally if I have someone blocked I probably don't want to engage with them.
      Having the block feature straight up make that post just not appear for me would make my experience so much better.

      In an even more ideal world if someone I have blocked is quoted I would rather not see the quote them either.

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      I have blocked is quoted I would rather not see the quote them either
      Never heard of forum software being capable of that, nor would I want it to be. That borders on them modifying our posts for no reason.

      Reeplay wrote:

      Having the block feature straight up make that post just not appear for me would make my experience so much better.
      If you go this route Hex, I'd ask that you make it optional. I have a few people ignored, and while one or two of them never have anything constructive to say, some of them I occasionally choose to unblock posts from.

      I generally don't like forums that make blocking a 'for life' thing where you can simply forget someone exists, because even the biggest jerk can change in time, and I like to be reminded of people every so often.

      It gives me the opportunity to unblock people if they've changed their tone over time, which I have done on several forums - even some of my friends on some forums were people I had blocked at one point, but over time they became more reasonable and we found common ground. I hate systems that mark people as 'beyond redemption', in general.
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      Ignore function doesn't provide such service by default, as far as I know.
      But some plugins customize it and make the job, like: Hide Posts by Blocked Users for WBB 4.1
      It looks like this would work but I believe it's a java based script if I'm right in what I was reading. Sadly the 2 browsers I mainly use don't support user input java so this can't work for me. Of course it's possible I was trying to install it differently than intended.
      Thank you for offering something though. It's given me a line to along to find myself a solution at the very least. It's a shame the ignore/block feature isn't able to allow it as an optional setting for everyone.