Scraptooth Mangler should have Diligence

    • Scraptooth Mangler should have Diligence

      Just thought I'd point out that Scraptooth Mangler may have been overlooked, but definitely has a Diligence effect as written.

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    • TheGreatCulling wrote:

      nqumyf wrote:

      This might be intentional though so we keep the feeling of our cards not changin like in a physical TCG where the cards dont change either just because their text now has a keyword
      All the deploy-effects have also been updated retroactively, so I think that's not the case.
      Same with Deathcry. I'm not a fan of how they're keywording these simple abilities, but if they're going to do it then they should fix all the cards.

      And did they really need to pick D words for all three of their abilities that replace existing mechanics? When two of them of them even share their second and last letters?

      They should have just called Diligence something like Deftly or Dependability to make things extra awful.