Transition FAQ

  • Transition FAQ

    Hey everyone! There have been a ton of questions about the Transition Patch, so we are gathering common answers and notifications in one place for your convenience. We will continue to update this thread with answers to common problems. If you have issues with the patch, please check here first.


    Because of German privacy law, we are unable to transfer posts automatically here to our new forums from the Gameforge site. However, it is possible for users to transfer their own content. We highly recommend users with guides, guilds, and other important threads transplant them to the appropriate sections here.

    The Gameforge forums will remain open for the next month to give you time to transfer your content.


    For those who have not yet transitioned over and need a password reset to do so, Gameforge has a link here. You can also find this link in the top-right corner on the Gameforge homepage at <lang>


    Our support page has moved. Please use this new link if you need to submit a ticket. Our pages have been updated as well, so you can click "Support" on our menus to get to the right place as well.

    When using support, you can track your tickets by going to the "Request" tab in the top right of the page.

    Choose "My Requests" to see your outstanding tickets and responses to your inquiries.

    If your issue doesn't allow you to log into an account and submit a ticket, you can contact support at this email address instead:

    Thanks guys! We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your continued support.