Fully Equipped - Beginner's Brutecrown Bluff

    • It interests me that you find Zagg harder than Vargar, and that you feel the last two encounters are the hardest.

      I've always had more troubles with Vargar than any of the other encounters personally.

      That being said, even though I'm not a new player anymore, I really like the way you approached this article. I would love to see more breakdowns like this, it's always fascinating to see how skilled players approach this game's content from a preparation perspective.
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
    • Thanks, I'll see what I can do regarding more content like this.

      Regarding Zagg vs. Vargar for difficulty. I made that judgement after running the two decks I shared. For other decks I have played, Vargar has been more challenging. Those decks are usually removal lite.
    • i like topics like this, helping newbies to start into the harder part of the game.
      but i think "waiting in phase 1 and building up a board" is not the best strategy against the gnoll king.
      because he is saving all his charges through the matchup, and if you wait to long and he has 15 charges right when he starts challenging you, its game over!

      I more like the option from taking something with swiftstrike and a board with 60+ damage to kill the third phase with swiftstrike and the king in the swing without swiftstrike directly, so he will never has a chance to operate :P

      I use this tactic with dawnbreeze, but i think its also possible with some cleric inspire builds or something else :D
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    • Solid strategy. I do like the swiftstrike strategy, or a few other decks that can go through 3 or all 4 phases all in a single turn.

      It does not usually take me more than 6 turns or so to build up my board while clearing his threats (edit: in phase 1), then 1-3 turns per each additional phase. Typically he is at 10-11 charges by the time I get to the final phase, and very easy to beat by that point.

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    • Amostephil wrote:

      yes nico you and me, but the most newbies play a bit less aggro i think :)
      i heard multiple times in chat about guys that tried to build board and than lost to 15 charges :D
      That may be true. I did test and win with the decklists I posted using the exact strategy, so no one should have trouble following the advice, once they get a feeling for the deck and the encounter. A phase 1 build-up for 6-8 turns is plenty of time, and won't be too much time to kill you in phase 4 to charge power.