I have acquired both a Lifetime draft code and a Grand King Account Code. I am willing to sell them as a pair or separately. Please note this is NOT an account but actual original KS Codes that can be added to anyones account without violating terms of service. The (3) 30 pack codes have already been loaded. This may very well be the last GK code available.

    I will consider all offers. However, since my reputation allows this, I will only be accepting a direct bank wire or transferwise.com NO EXCEPTIONS!

    PM me any and all offers. Just specify if the offer is for the GK account Code, Lifetime Draft code, or both codes.

    For those that do not know me, I am HEXPLAYER1 on the other site. Feel free to ask around or I can provide references if needed but I have been trading codes for 3 years and no one has more experience buying and selling codes than I do. I did sell GK codes to another player on the Gameforge Forums and Pro Player codes recently on here.

    I will say that I currently have three offers for $650 on the lifetime draft code that I received when selling the Pro Player codes.

    P.S. This post did not violate the Gameforge forums so if it violates the HXE or CZE forums then please take it down as I do not want to violate anyones ToS.