Potential bug with queueing

    • Potential bug with queueing


      Today i recently noticed that i lost a sealed game out of nowhere (without having played any).
      What i do know, is that I pressed the "<" button on the top left of the screen while i was queuing. After I did that, I think i ended up playing either an evo or draft match.
      According to Elwinz, I was in a match with Allofya and i was disconnected.

      The screenshot was made around 12:25 amsterdam time. If there does happen to be a bug where leaving the deck building screen while still queuing that results into the queue continuing and eventually starting a game without actually being there, that would certainly be a major issue.

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    • I feel like I've noticed something similar where I'll queue for a bit, then maybe change my mind and leave queue, but then maybe 10 or 15 seconds later I will find myself starting a match as if it had continued to look for games even after I canceled the search...

      Don't know if it's related though or just lag or something