AZ2 Bounty 1: Coyotle Focus

    • AZ2 Bounty 1: Coyotle Focus

      This is the inaugural bounty for AZ2 PvE theorycrafting. For the next 30 days, the focus will be Coyotles. Submission deadline will be Sunday, April 23, 2017 @ 11:59pm ET.

      I am offering a 1400 platinum bounty for each class setup that receives the most acclaim by your peers by the end of the 30 days. In other words 1400 platinum each for the chosen deck for Cleric, Mage, Warrior, and Ranger. That's 5600 platinum up for grabs! (Unfortunately I can't go higher than this currently on my own if I want to sustain this for the months to come.)

      In the case of an unclear result/outcome, I will let CoachFliperon make the final call as he is maintaining Campaign Adventurer's Guide | Decklist repository | Champions | Mercenaries | Ships.

      The budget of your deck is not an issue. Your goal is to make the best overall deck for each class. I understand that some encounters in the campaign will require whole new builds but the goal is to create a general optimized setup for each class that players can work towards as they climb to the current cap of Level 15.

      I apologize if this is not a perfect bounty process as it is the first. I hope to work with you guys to make it better in the future.

      Note: If there are any changes to be made to the bounty, I will update here ASAP.


      • Champion must be at Level 15.
      • The race must be Coyotle.
      • One class per post.
      • If you have multiple decks, submit only your best deck for that class.
      • You may submit one deck per class.
      • Edit your posts as necessary and make note of the changes in your update.
      • Last edit time must be prior to deadline.
      • Please follow Submission Format.
      The main three goals of your deck should be and I hope the community will judge the decks based on these factors:
      • Consistency (how consistent is it?)
      • Flexibility (how well can it handle the majority of encounters?)
      • Speed (how quickly can it end the average encounter?)

      Submission Format:

      Class: <Class>

      • List
      • in
      • Bullets

      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      Details: <Explanation of strategy and usage of deck including potential substitutions (if available).>



      Best Build of Cleric: 1400 platinum, 3x Set 6 (Scars of War) Booster Packs
      Best Build of Mage: 1400 platinum, 3x Set 6 (Scars of War) Booster Packs
      Best Build of Warrior: 1400 platinum, 3x Set 6 (Scars of War) Booster Packs
      Best Build of Ranger: 1400 platinum, 3x Set 6 (Scars of War) Booster Packs
      Most Innovative Build (?): Cardboard Tube Samurai
      Use of Specific Combo (Songsmythe Virtuoso + Mesa Caretaker + Sacred Stance): Effigy of Nulzann


      And the bounty grows due to the following sponsors!


      NicoSharp: 12x Set 6 (Scars of War) Booster Packs
      CoachFliperon: Cardboard Tube Samurai
      Dovydas: Effigy of Nulzann
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    • Galliard wrote:

      Even if the deck would be better as a Human?
      If the deck is voted the most optimal, but still performs great if not better for another race, it's still the most optimal for the race/class its being built for.

      The biggest variations by Race would be racial bonuses, and the race/class combo traits. For Coyotle, at least you have an extra talent point, that could go a long way to getting a more optimal level 15 campaign character build than other classes.
    • Good luck to all who enter. I lack the collection to try to create and test 'THE BEST' deck, so I will merely cheer those who do on from the sidelines. :)
      Gamer. Streamer. Photographer. Writer. Anime Lover. Possessor of Stuffed Animals.

      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
    • This is the deck I've been using on my Coyotle cleric.!/deck=124693
      It's extremely consistent and capable of beating virtually every quest (and many non-quest encounters) in AZ1 and 2, including clearing every dungeon. I very very rarely lose with it and mainly due to mana screw, extremely rapid aggression (e.g. it's not great at stopping the piranhas) or completely unsuitable encounter rules (e.g. Gallows Ghast or Mad Aradam). It's not especially fast and I am certain it could be improved in a variety of ways, not least because it takes little advantage of AZ2 cards or sets 5 or 6, so I doubt I'll win. But it's so consistently victorious that I think it's a decent starting point, and I'll be interested to see thoughts on improvements.

      Key talents include Affinity Cleric (giving the majority of the deck lifedrain), the Divine Altar (which is broken as hell if you can get it out), Healing Aura (a fairly reliable source of non-attack lifegain for triggering many of the cards in the deck), the talent that makes Healing Aura topdeck blessings over time, Monument of Faith to give all your troops steadfast, and the Shrine of Briggadon, which like the Divine Altar, is a gamewinner if you can draw it.

      Key cards include Adamanthian Scrivener (w/ gloves - ridiculous amounts of lifegain, especially with the Altar out to duplicate both the Scrivener and any other clerics), Righteous Paladin (w/ trinket, one of your biggest threats), Mesa Totemist (in a deck full of this much lifegain, prone to ridiculous swiftstrike offenses and all of it lifedrain, especially if empowered), Ghost Howler (will make for explosive turns and tons of lifedrain), and possibly Forever's Child (w/ weapon, so many giant orchins. but if you have the totemist maul, which I don't, that may be a better use of the slot). The Feralroot Archdruids make for great ramp, and Sight of the Sun also helps with this (but is mostly a lightning rod for AI removal, TBH. The AI HATES Sight of the Sun). The Eternal Guardian will make for a lot of one-sided lifedraining. Incantations of Righteousness come out quick for cheap and are a big board-wide buff. Balthasar isn't regularly useful but combines lifegain and explosive card draw if you get him at the right time. Recruiters make most stuff cheaper and grow quickly w/ equip. A lot of the rest is there mainly because it's a cleric or there's lifegain synergy (Wakuna, for example), there might be better choices. Some of the stuff I only have one-offs because that's as many of them as I own.
    • NicoSharp wrote:

      Galliard wrote:

      Even if the deck would be better as a Human?
      If the deck is voted the most optimal, but still performs great if not better for another race, it's still the most optimal for the race/class its being built for.
      The biggest variations by Race would be racial bonuses, and the race/class combo traits. For Coyotle, at least you have an extra talent point, that could go a long way to getting a more optimal level 15 campaign character build than other classes.
      I still feel like that defeats the purpose of building a Coyotle deck.

      But taking advantage of the extra talent point is what I was thinking would be most unique for Warriors and to a lesser extent Clerics. It's hard to build for the Blessings when they change every two months.
    • Hello! Kalemero here, not much of a forum person but I'll be sharing my favorite PvE Campaign deck!

      Class: Coyotle Cleric

      Recommended Talents:

      Tier 1: Enchance Blessing: Life Essence, Hale, Affinity: Cleric, The Righteous Path
      Tier 2: Aura Aspect: Good Karma , Healing aura, Unlock: Divine Altar
      Tier 3: Blessed Birth, Diligent Study, (optional: Child of the Right Hand instead of Good Karma or Enhance Blessing: Essence)
      Tier 4: Premonitions, Holy Hands, Ample supplies (or unlock shrine of briggadon, either works)

      Talents can be flexible, you can run this deck as 100 cards. Holy hands is a -must have- and so is healing aura, I also highly recommend affinity: cleric. I found it best to have talents as stated above.


      Easier to post the decklist here (click it)


      Very high consistency through large life gain.
      Very cheap, can be used for beginners and veterans alike (most cards and equipment are farmable in az1 and az2).

      Pretty useless on the boat, you need to make a special deck for the boat encounters. I did this by making a prophecy heavy coyotle deck rather than health gain.
      Not quite as fast for gold farming as some of the ruby decks out there.

      Get to business already:

      This is my favorite PvE campaign deck of all time. It is also extremely budget friendly! All key cards can be gained through PvE alone, extremely cheap off AH or given by friendly players.

      How does it play out?

      You want to have dance of dusk in hand, some shards, some coyotle and maybe a way to gain crush. Whenever you play a resource you gain health which reduces cost of dance of dusk. With a good hand, you can have a 50/50 steadfast crush coyotle, sometimes with life drain, swinging in by turn 4-5. Usually this means a win or a win next turn!

      How does it work?

      The deck revolves around 3 key things: coyotles, crush and more importantly: Dance of dusk. It is absolutely mandatory to have the gloves equipment on dance of dusk. The talent "holy hands" gives you additional dance of dusk into your deck, so you're much more likely to have one or more in starting hand or on top of your deck. Premonitions helps consistency by making sure you either have shards, blessing or whatever else you need on top of the deck from the beginning.
      Wild growth equipment is amazing as it gives wild growth crush, making sure your beefy coyotle can get through. Prophet of the sun with equipment is also absolutely amazing! Adaptatrons are always solid and has the 0 cost life drain ability with chest equipment (helmet equipment not required).
      Note that dance of dusk can ONLY target coyotles, this is why we have so many. The wild socket for crush is also amazing!

      Play cards, gain health, have 50/50 (sometimes 100/100) crush steadfast troop by turn 4-5, swing to win!

      I don't have pappy jaspers or boots for ethereal healers or rare resources, what do I do?!

      Don't fret! Rare resources helps consistency but are not required. The coins are good in some cases, but not required.
      The limited pappy jasper is not necessary, I just like him and can be replaced by whatever you want. The healers with boots are not required but they are GOOD. Granted, the nerf on boots hit the deck, but it is still good. If you don't have the boots for the healers, there are other options and it's mostly about what you have and what you like. 2-3 drops troops with life drain OR cleric troops (as they also have life drain due to talent), think into righteous paladins, pious paladin, elder of visions, spring dancer, you get the idea.

      Mercenaries of note:
      The extra charge gain mercs you get for free in az2 works very well for a turn 1 blessing. I also like mercenaries that gives evasion of some kind (upgraded The Triumvirate, Ashahsa). Sister of the herd can also be very good to further decrease cost of dance of dusk. Naryip, Mother dawnbreeze are also fine. Generally, nothing required here but every bit helps right?

      Thanks for reading my wall of text and I hope you enjoy the deck :)
    • NicoSharp wrote:

      I'd like to add to the bounty for this. Don't think I'll have time to participate myself. 12 set6 packs for Coyotle - which Kami can divide up as he chooses, or to go to winner as well (3 packs per class).
      When you've got great examples to follow, you participate!

      I'll be adding a Cardboard Tube Samurai mercenary to the prize pool as well!

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    • Great idea for a contest, thanks for hosting this. I'm not sure if I'll have time to fully participate or not, but hopefully I can post a few decks by the deadline.

      One thing that would be nice is if originality is accounted for in some way. I think we're going to see lots of recruiter and ethereal healer decks because they are such proven, powerful cards, but it would be cool if innovative decks gor some sort of credit
    • Submission Format:

      Class: Cleric

      • The Righteous Path
      • Hale
      • Blessing of the Immortals
      • Enhance Blessing: Life Essence
      • Enhance Blessing: Empowerment
      • Discipline of the Mind
      • Armed Against the Darkness Cleanse
      • Premonitions
      • Blessed Birth
      • Child of the Right Hand

      • Wild Shard x6
      • Diamond Shard x2
      • Howling Plains Bluegrass x4
      • Well of Life x4
      • Wakuna Coins x4

      • Howling Brave x3
      • Mesa Caretaker x3
      • Drokka Outcast x3
      • Moon'ariu SHarpshooter x3
      • Deepwood Drokka x3 (Minor Diamond of Wind)
      • Grandfather's Totem x3
      • Totemic Elder x3 (Minor Wild of Brawn)
      • Sunspeaker of Wakuna x2
      • Woken Drokkatar x2

      • Mooncall Ceremony x3
      • Chlorophylia x2
      • Trail of Totems x2 (Major Wild Orb of Conjuration)
      • Battle Preparations x3
      • Call of the Deepwood x3

      • Sacred Stance x2

      • Gardener's Hat (Head)
      • Okka Chokka Okka Chokka (Trinket)
      • Stance Shoes (Feet)
      • Corna Spear (Weapon)
      • Corporal Hadrian
      • Taford the Tireless
      • Salty Sam, the Swashbucker
      Details: This is a conscript druid deck that revolves around either cards that conscript (Mooncall Ceremony, Battle Preparations, Trial of Totems, call of the Deepwood, Totemic Elder, Moon'ariu SHapshooter, cards that get better or make your cards better from conscripting (Mesa Caretaker, Sacred Stance, Grandfather's Totem, Drokka Outcast, Deepwood Drokka, Woken Drokkatar, Sunspeaker Wakuna), or some acceleration to the end state of 5 resources (Chlorophyllia, Howling Brave). The deck is able to run little removal as it overpowers the board with troops that expand both horizontally (new troops) and vertically (bigger troops). Additionally, the conscript troops bring about utility with them that can blow out a game. Blessing of the Immortals also pay off big in this deck, especially if you have a Sunspeaker in play. The Monsagi coins might make sense in this deck for that reason, but it slows down our ramp plan to start filling up the board.

      Edit: Minor text changes.
      Edit: Added Gems, as they are really important.

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    • Final Build
      (edit) Final-er Build 4/7/2017
      Switch Inner Conflict for Decree of Banishing,
      Switch Ink-stained Gloves for Writer's Guard
      Switch Scepter of Nightmares for Totem Crush Maul

      Class: Cleric

      • Hale
      • Affinity Cleric
      • Healing Aura
      • Aura Aspect: Good Karma
      • Divine Altar
      • Diligent Study
      • Shrine of Briggadon
      • Blessed Birth
      • Child of the Right Hand (picked because with your talents, cards get added to your deck, diluting your resource pool of cards; this helps mitigate a low resource starting hand)
      • Holy hands
      • Premonitions

      • 6 x Wild Shards
      • 6 x Diamond Shards
      • 4 x Well of Life
      • 4 x Monsagi Coins
      • 4 x Wakuna Coins

      • 3 x Adamanthian Scrivener
      • 3 x Righteous Paladin
      • 3 x Radiant Physician
      • 3 x Feralroot Archdruid
      • 3 x Ethereal Healer
      • 3 x Mesa Totemist
      • 3 x Ghost Howler

      • none

      • 3 x Verdant Mill
      • 3 x Hallowed Radiance
      • 3 x Blizzard
      • 3 x Enter the Dream
      • 3 x Decree of Banishing

      • None


      • Helm of the Wild Cleric
      • Sigil of Grace
      • Winter Coat
      • Writer's Guard
      • Ethereal Coated Boots
      • Totem Crush Maul

      • Hawkor (because Nicosharp has a Hawkor build that works great against Mad Adaram)
      • anyone really
      • ditto

      This build takes advantage of the Monument of Faith, Divine Altar and Healing Aura that you start any battle with.


      Decree of Banishing is there for spot removal. It has an advantage over other spot removals in that as a constant it can power up the radiant Physicians, and with all the extra resources that you will have, allows you to play the enemy's own troops against him, provided you have the Writer's Guard equipment. Plus, only cost 2 resources.

      Verdant Mill is there to generate Wild Child clerics who, with the the Helm of the Wild Cleric Equipment, gives you free clerics. With 4 Wild Childs out, every cleric you have is free. But wait, what if I empower my 3 cost Mesa Totemist you ask? Well, with 3 Wild Childs out, the unempowered totemist costs 0 resources. Empower that, and zero times two equals zero. Still free. Wild Child Clerics are also great chump blockers, as they are totally expendable in this build (especially if you have gotten your resource pool way up by abusing the Feralroot Archdruid/Blizzard/Enter the Dream mechanics).

      Hallowed Radiance is there to be another source of gain life, which in turn power up your clerics.

      Blizzard makes life miserable for your opponent and is 1/4 of your unlimited resource engine. Your troops are steadfast because of the Monument of Faith, while almost all of your opponents troops are not. Getting a blizzard out early allows you time by dramatically slowing the opponent. Be careful about putting down a second blizzard. I will do that if I have draw cards in hand (Blessings or Coins), and want to free up the lanes for an attack. If you do lay out a second Blizzard, just make sure that there is no next turn because 2 blizzards out means that one drawn card untaps 2 troops. Also, be certain to have the Winter Coat equipment.

      Enter the Dream is a win condition, next turn (if not one the turn it comes out). When it gets out, you will be chaining blessings, and your hand will just grow and grow, especially if the Divine Altar is out. This is 1/4 of your unlimited resource engine. Get this puppy out, and a loss deserves a Darwin Award (if you know what that is).


      Adamanthian Scriveners are just there to help pump up your other troops.

      Feralroot Archdruid is there for only one reason, to abuse the 'Blizzard-ready exhausted when you draw a card' mechanic. If you have a Divine Altar down and a Blessing in your hand, you are likely going to chain blessings. You can re-exhaust him time and again for potentially unlimited resource generation. He constitutes 1/4 of your unlimited resource engine.

      Righteous Paladin is there to grow. Enough said.

      Radiant Physician is there to give you an extra card each turn. If the Divine Altar is out, it becomes 3 cards per turn, by which these have proven really good at speeding up the deck.

      Mesa Totemist
      These guys are can become swift strikers on the fly. I have never deployed them without empowering them. As Coyotle, you start your deck with at least 2 Zodiac blessings. These blessing get multiplied by a divine altar. They are also quick actions, which means they can be cast on the opponents turn and after he has declared attackers.

      Ghost Howler can make your turn ridiculous. With multiple sources of life gain, I have ended battles with over 5000 life while dealing as many points in damage in a single turn, and I only stopped pumping because there was no point. I know, no reason to pump up your troops that much; I did it just for the grins. "There is no better kill than over-kill" as the saying goes.

      Ethereal Healers are there because with the Ethereal coated boots, they will appear out of nowhere. And keep re-appearing, if you need a chump block.

      Opening hand has to have at least 1 Diamond resource in it. I have only lost when I played opening hands that did not have one, and then failed to draw one for 4+ turns. Because of your talents, your card pool gets diluted after you get your opening hand, making resource draws a little tougher. Just something to keep in mind.

      Opening plays should prioritize constants over troops, especially against ruby or blood, and doubly so if going second against ruby or blood. Placing a Scrivener who gets toasted with a burn next play is a waste. But placing a Verdant Mill 1st turn, a Hallowed Radiance turn 2 (pick diamond), then turn 3 can lead with a Paladin, who then becomes 4/4 after you place a resource down (don't place resource then Paladin, or you lose the double bump), then becomes 5/5 after the Scrivener goes down, so even if the Scrivener lasts only 1 turn, he has still already made a contribution.

      Unlimited resource engine: This is made of 3 critical and 1 optional pieces: Feralroot Archdruid, Blizzard, Enter the Dream and (optional) Divine Altar. With a Blizzard down, every time you draw a card, you can untap your Archdruids (which you should then immediately exhaust). The Divine Altar has a multiplying effect, but not always absolutely necessary to generate a crazy number of free resources, because even without it one Blessing will generate 2 draws as long as Enter the Dream is out as well.

      Well, that is the build. Open to constructive criticism if anyone thinks they can improve upon it.

      wphmd (in game name Tekumel)

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    • Class: Cleric

      • Affinity: Clerics
      • Divine Altar
      • The Righteous Path
      • Hale
      • Healing Aura
      • Aura Aspect: Good Karma
      • Blessed Birth
      • Child of the Right Hand
      • Premonition
      • Cleanse
      • Armed Against the Dark
      • 1 point saved for future update

      • 8x [card]Diamond Shard[/card]
      • 8X [card]Wild Shard[/card]
      • 4x [card]Well of Life[/card]
      • 4x [card]Howling Plains Bluegrass[/card]
      • 2x [card]Sight of the Sun[/card]
      • 3x [card]Droo's Colossal Walker[/card]
      • 3x [card]Living Totem[/card]
      • 3x [card]Prophet of the Sun[/card]
      • 3x [card]Wakuna Starmender[/card]
      • 2x [card]Wild Root Dancer[/card]
      • 3x [card]Righteous Paladin[/card]
      • 3x [card]Mesa Totemist[/card]
      • 3x [card]Ghost Howler[/card]
      • 3x [card]Adamanthian Scrivener[/card]
      • 3x [card]Chlorophyllia[/card]
      • 3x Decree of Banishing
      • 2x [card]Deployment Orders[/card]
      • Gardener's Hat
      • Prophetical Pipe
      • Ink-Stained Gloves
      • Battleborn Boots
      • Totem Crush Maul
      Tafford the Tireless
      what you like

      High consistency, you will gain a lot of life that not only will help you stay alive but will also let you build your board and then crush your opponent, it has a very hight winn rate and is fun to play.
      How to play? Make your troops big while you gane life, than use Living Totem withe equip to give them fly or Prophet of the Sun withequip to crush your opponent.

      Often is a bit slow

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    • Name: Absolute Spellpower

      Class: Mage


      • Unlock: Spell Sprites
      • Mental Superiority
      • Worldly Knowledge
      • Unlock: Knowledge is Power
      • Secret Knowledge
      • Self Knowledge
      • Mage Class Gems
      • Balance
      • SP Buff
      • Learn Spell: Magic Barrier
      • Protective Magic



      • 9 x Wild Shard
      • 10 x Sapphire Shard
      • 2 x Howling Plains Bluegrass
      • 3 x Well of Instinct


      • 3 x Howling Brave
      • 2 x Depth Crawler (Mage’s Minor Orb of Thought)
      • 1 x Carnasaurus
      • 2 x Cyclone Shaper
      • 1 x Rune Ear Hierophant (Minor Wild Orb of Brawn, Major Wild Orb of Cultivation)
      • 1 x Archmage Wrenlocke
      • 2 x Auspex of Lanupaw
      • 1 x Crocosaur
      • 1 x Jadiim
      • 3 x Dream Eagle


      • 3 x Arcane Focus
      • 3 x Chlorophyllia
      • 2 x Tilling the Soil
      • 2 x Oracle Song
      • 3 x Lanupaw’s Sight
      • 1 x Absolute Power
      • 1 x Psychic Ascension


      • 2 x Spectral Acorn
      • 1 x Cerebral Jack-hat
      • 1 x Locket of Reflection


      • Gardener’s Hat (Head) - mandatory
      • Matching Locket (Trinket)
      • Chest of Electrical Force (Chest) - mandatory
      • Eagle Feathered Gloves (Gloves) - mandatory
      • Prairie Runners (Feet)
      • Carnasaurus Tooth (Weapon)


      • Tafford the Tireless - mandatory
      • Corporal Hadrian
      • Baxoth of Korru - mandatory


      The goal of this deck is basically to draw as many cards as possible and win in one massive swing. The key cards are especially the ramp cards Howling Brave and Chlorophylia as well as the win conditions, which include Psychic Ascension, Jadiim/Hierophant and most importantly Auspex of Lanupaw. Psychic Ascension can be used to flood the board extremely quickly and the other win conditions revolve around increasing their own power (Jadiim and Hierophant) or increasing your board power (Auspex) tremendously. This deck has a very high combo potential and exploits many synergies. A very strong combo piece is Locket of Reflection, which is only once in the deck because it can become a dead draw in the late game or after Absolute Power drew most of your deck.


      The most important aspect in the early game is that you stay alive and ramp as much as possible. The most broken opening hand includes Howling Brave, Chlorophylia, a turn 1 Wild Shard/Bluegrass, a 2nd and 3rd shard, Locket of Reflection, Auspex of Lanupaw and a Blessing (from Tafford) or a 2nd Chlorophylia (note that the starting hand size is increased by 1). Hands like these snowball as early as turn 3, although the average speed of this deck is rather mediocre. The 2nd part of the game is about drawing as many cards as possible and getting Auspex on the board as fast as you can. The third stage is about increasing the board size and striking. Crocosaur can be a good tool to clear your way to the opponent’s health but the deck has several flyers and a Hierophant with crush that can single-handedly deal more than 30 damage.


      Locket of Reflection:

      This card synergizes with half of the deck, but especially with Auspex of Lanupaw and Cyclone Shaper. If these three cards are on the board together, the deck draws itself really quickly and the board gets out of control immediately. Cards that are more than two times in the deck are those ones that I would keep in my opening hand or are just too much card draw (Sight) not to be included a 3rd time. Given that this deck has a ton of card draw, it is not unlikely to draw and play a 2nd copy of these cards rather early in the game to make Locket trigger. Apart from the cards in the deck, Locket synergizes very well with the Spell Sprites and the passive champion power of Tafford. Both draw two cards for 0 cost and the sprites even add 4 spell power. Chlorophyllia provides a 2nd resource and can increase the number of cards played in the same turn by a lot. Locket also enables rather early plays of Psychic Ascension.

      Tilling the Soil:

      The scrounge effect synergizes with the Dreadling from Baxoth and the 3 Dream Eagles. In fact, the Dreadling has a much bigger impact on this than most people would think at first glance. I also have a strong deck for Baxoth, so these two aspects were the reasons for me to include him in my party. Also, Soothsaying can synergize with Scrounge as well but you usually discard one of your shards.

      Auspex of Lanupaw:

      This card synergizes very well with the Blessings, Chlorophylia and even the Secret Knowledge and Knowledge is Power talent. There are also many cards in the deck that benefit a lot from the buffs. These are especially the dinosaurs, Hierophant and the Spell Sprites who can turn into 0 cost 10/10+ flyers.

      Cyclone Shaper:

      Apart from the obvious cost reduction of actions, this card synergizes with the Secret Knowledge talent and Auspex because every single buff gets doubled on the empowered version. Also, playing one cyclone shaper for 3 with Locket on the board can get out of control. A 0 cost Knowledge is Power can also be very nice at times.


      Imagine a game in which Locket of Reflection not only hits your spell sprites but also very many actions whose cost is reduced due to 2 Cyclone Shaper. The Worldly Knowledge talent will trigger several times to grant more spellpower. The potential to draw even more cards or use Tornado or Magic Barrier several times in one turn is very high.


      Absolute Power is kind of a meme card in this deck because it gives the deck its name and I used to play it with indigo Dreamwalker, which lead to a casual draw 40 cards on turn 5 for 0 in some matches. It can be replaced with Carnasaurus for more consistency in the early game.

      Other potential additions include Indigo Dreamwalker and Thunderfield Elder but I think they are too situational because they sometimes hit very poor targets.

      I ran Sister of the Herd as a substitute for Corporal Hadrian because of the low amount of health of mages but the Blessings are usually enough to keep you alive and being able to give several key cards in your deck Mobilize can grant a lot of tempo. With Secret Knowledge and Mobilize, you sometimes just exhaust a troop to play a 0 cost Auspex.