Patch v1.0.5.057 fixed SoW, but screwed Herofall?

    • Patch v1.0.5.057 fixed SoW, but screwed Herofall?

      As I wanted to look, if SoW-cards are in German now, I saw (in the deck currently loaed in my collection) some Herofall cards were in English.

      I quickly ran over my SoW- and Herofall-cards. Result: SoW seems to be fixed, Herofall is in English now exept some details.
      These details still in German are (likely to be incomplete):
      - the cards' types
      - keywords like "Flight"
      - certain (generic?) effects (by running over I found Astral Sight (draw and charge gain), Elder of Lost Ages one-shot and Gyronaut not-readying, the carge-gain of the crackling cards and magma's, clash's and tide's main effect, but not torment's and blast's)
    • yeah, i was really happy to see this patch coming and i can play in german again, but no, now is another standard-set not translated...

      And the translation from SoW is not 100% perfect.

      In the tip window which explains every keywords when you zoom into the card the new SoW keywords are not translated.

      Very strange if i have a keyword named "Fleiß" in german on the cad text, but the only keyword explained on the side is named "diligence" :P

      I think this will newbies dont really help than :(
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