Reverting a transformed rootfather loses gems

  • Androod wrote:

    How to reproduce
    1) Cast hereafter targeting an aborian rootfather
    2) Revert with Ovo champion activation
    3) The troop will have empty sockets
    I believe this is a result of the way gems work now.

    "A gem power is socketed during deckbuilding, can’t be reverted off, and is lost if the card is transformed."

    The gem power is lost once you transform the card to the phantom. Then when you revert the card, it goes back to the original state of the socketed card, which has no gems.
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  • If you read the entire paragraph, I don't think the issue is as cut and dry as you think:

    We decided to simplify the concept of gems in-game. Now, the only distinction a player needs to remember is “was this power granted during the course of the game or during deckbuilding?” This removes the complexity of needing to track how gem powers were granted as they now all act the same way. A gem power is socketed during deckbuilding, can’t be reverted off, and is lost if the card is transformed. A socketed power is a modifier added through gameplay (by text like “gains all the socketed powers of this”), is lost through reversion, and is kept through transformation. This change keeps card modification rules consistent across the board, removes rules complexity regarding sockets, and solves a UI nightmare. Most importantly, it makes it easier for you guys to play the game.

    They are trying to simplify (not change) how gems work. Of course gem powers are lost if the card transformed because you don't want socketed cards to keep that power when they transform into something else. If you play a double damage crush rune ear, and I dingle it, it shouldn't retain those powers as a dingler. I am obviously not 100% sure that losing gems when transformed and reverted is a bug. I just want to point out that this rules update can be interpreted in another way and we need confirmation on this.
  • i still think there is something buggy with the new socket feature.
    i play alot pve atm and transform my troop randomly into something with higher cost.
    from time to time i get something with sockets. sometimes there are sockets in the troop, sometimes not.
    and its everytime the same troop i transform and the same way...
    I think something similiar is going on here when transform and reverting troops that already had sockets from the deckbuilding.

    It looks like it only works 50% of time correct and the other 50% it makes something silly :(
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