Juurdin and FRA

    • Juurdin and FRA

      Hello Hexers,

      Some recently discovered bugs
      1) In FRA,during the encounter with Angel, Living Totem keeps using the same lifedrain power on itself spending all opponents resources without playing any other cards,thus making the encounter too easy.
      2)Juurdin does not summon a seed pot after dealing damage to Hardshells. I am not sure it is a bug or it is caused by Hardshells' power,but since he deals one damage,shouldn't there be a seed pot summoned?
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    • So the second point is not actually a bug. All the Hardshell champions have the Shell power, and the wording of the power specifically says to prevent all damage, and lose one health instead.

      So abilities that trigger on damage being dealt, like Juurdin's power, never trigger since damage is never actually dealt; it was prevented.

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    • On the first one, it's a pretty common AI issue - Living Totem gives it too many choices and it just repeats the same one over and over again. Either a fault in the AI or an attempt at 'personality', but a lot of the AI do that with the card.

      As far as the second one, as Arcanyx said, it's entirely intentional. However, there IS a bug with champions and shell, last I checked... the warrior battle secondary effects DO still trigger when 'dealing damage' to a shell champion.(ie. not restoring resources with a dwarf, or forcing them to discard).
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