Rock format queue (or only for new players)

    • Rock format queue (or only for new players)

      I know that Hxe doesn't want more queues in the game because of the reasoning "a lot of empty rooms is not healthy for the game". I tend to agree with this idea.

      However, one of the main criticism from new players is "I don't want to be smashed vs $200 op decks". While that's the nature of a tcg where you just buy the cards and play if you want, this is something that has to be addressed in some way, since the whole idea of Hex as it's right now is that players alters between pvp and pve. And on top of that, ladder for a new player might be frustrating, since you're getting bashed most of the times if you don't want to buy at least a cheap deck. This is even more true if you don't have some idea of deck building. Player retention is one of the main issues for Hex at this moment, and constructed right now isn't helping new players if they don't have some background on tcgs.

      A good way to do fix this, for me, is the rock format, where you can only use commons cards. The game has already the format check enabled in the validator. And community leagues has also proven to be a thing in the past.

      So, this is my propose: Create a queue for this format, like the immortal one. Price for gaining a game could be just a little gold, like 1k (and account level experience, which is nice). In this way, you encourage people to try the pvp without the hassle of the monetary restriction. They have to learn to play against other players, how to sideboard, etc... And above all, rock format has been proven to be a funny one with some banning and restrictions. It's also a new way for old players to play a different game. Schild asked for EDH, but I think it's more casual oriented. This is a little bit different and could help new players to try the competitive side of the game.

      My other idea, and this explains the parenthesis, was a queue for only new players (if your account is less than a month, you can only play there in constructed). I feel this has some pros, like a very even level of cards and skills between players, but a lot of cons also (some people might just want to buy a deck and play competitive right on the start). So it might not be a great idea. That's why I propose a free for everyone rock queue.

      And yes, I know the immortal queue some times can be slow (this is explained also because the release of a new set: everyone is playing limited or standard). But if you don't get a game you just ask for it on the chat and generally get one. Same can be said for this format.
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    • they could make something like there is in pokemon online tcg (as far as i know)

      there you can queue up with prebuild "starter" decks vs other prebuild starter decks.

      hex already offered some form of prebuild decks, why not reactivate this again and offer 3-5 new starters with each set release and let them play vs each other - maybe also with some sort of starter deck league later on or something else - also "veterans" who own the starter cards should be able to join the queue without buying the deck ofc.

      maybe make a menu to choose the available starters when joining the queue from all the available ones from your collection etc.
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    • I want to bump this thread in light of the new rock tournaments.

      I feel that the current non-ranked queue have no use, and while Hex have said that they want to replace it with some "weekly queues", I think that idea is too far from what Cory said in the last interview. On the other hand: We have a format that people wants to play (not only new players), and while the tournaments are great and badly needed, if I want to play a rock match in the other 5 days of the week, I can't.

      I don't think a full implemented ladder is needed, but maybe a queue with gold as a reward would be enough to attract some players to it. If abusing a gold expending machine like a queue is a problem, we can limit the amount of gold you can get daily (for example, suppose each victory grants 1k gold, we can limit the amount of gold to 5k per day, you can continue to play on that day, but you won't earn any more gold).

      I feel that Rock format should been properly supported by Hex, as it helps to bridge the gap for new players, and give old ones (on pvp constructed) another nice format to play if you don't want to play standard.
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