Extended Art Preview

    • Extended Art Preview

      Hey Guys,
      is there any possibility to see the Extended Art of a Card before unlocking it?
      I would love to have each of my AAs extended but it's too expensive, so I need to choose which I want to extend and a Preview would really help to decide;)
    • There is.
      Link the card in chat that you want to extend (use a custom channel if you don't want to spam a public chat with it).
      Once you've posted the message press the up arrow on your keyboard which will bring up the last message you sent. Except it will have the card link in its code form.
      There is a line just after a sequence of numbers and letters that looks like this 0|0::CardLink_Tooltip):][Card name](/url].
      Change it to say 0|1::CardLink_Tooltip):][Card name](/url] and press enter and you'll link the Extended art in chat instead.

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    • Reeplay has the right of it but something like this really should be integrated into the client eventually. Of course small things like this are at the bottom of the to do list as they should be. Set releases stability and upgrades of essential parts always come first.