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    Forum Rules and Guidelines

    • Your forum name is your in-game name.
    • You may use JPG, JPEG or PNG images. GIFs are not allowed.
    • Avatar dimensions are are 96x96, anything larger will be automatically downscaled.
    • Your signature should contain no more than 1 large image and 3 lines of text.
    • The forum team will edit any avatars and/or signatures that do not comply with these rules. Repeated offenders will lose the privilege entirely.

    • We are lenient with the content of your posts, however directly insulting others and cursing will be censored. Please review our Code of Conduct if you have any questions.
    • Please try and stay on-topic.
    • Do not copy the content of Private Messages with other players without their consent. Likewise, do not copy the content of support tickets on the forums. If you feel that a support ticket was misunderstood or answered incorrectly, please get in touch with @Dinotropia
    • Do not report in-game offences/problems on the forums, please use the support link.
    • If a thread is closed by a member of the forum team, do not create a new one with the same topic. It will just be closed and you will receive a warning. If you feel a thread was closed prematurely or feel that you have something relevant to contribute to a closed thread please contact @Dinotropia regarding your request.
    • Impersonating other players, staff members, Exalted members and members of HexEntertainment is strictly prohibited and the offending accounts will be blocked.
    • Spamming emoticons in posts is not allowed and will be edited out.
    • Please make your forum posts in the language of the form. If there is a special need and you must post in another language, make an attempt to provide a translation.
    • Staff can and will remove inappropriate content and/or unwanted threads without warning. If that happens the original poster (OP) will be contacted with a reason.
    • Do not post on the behalf of a banned user.
    • If you feel that there was an unfair decision made against you, please contact @Dinotropia.

    Tl;Dr version:
    • Keep it clean and constructive!
    • Poke @Dinotropia if you have issues with the moderation team.

    Special Rules
    • Some sections have special rules that work with these ones.

    Trading center
    • You are allowed to sell anything on the account for in-game currency or real money - EXCEPT for the account itself and the Gold/Platinum that you have.
    • Trading Gold for Platinum or Platinum for Gold is ok.

    Special Note
    • The forum administrators reserve the right to change the rules if the need arises.