Team Clockwork presents - The PvE Compendium

    • Team Clockwork presents - The PvE Compendium

      What is the PvE Compendium?:

      The PvE Compendium is a labor of love from our PvE-loving members that attempts to craft all of Hex's PvE content into a single easy to use wiki.

      What does the PvE Compendium contain?

      The PvE Compendium boasts hundreds of different articles, including:

      • Location articles for all the current locations on Entrath, including all dungeons currently in the game!
      • Encounters articles for most encounters in the game, including general strategies and a breakdown of each encounter's tricks.
      • Complete Reward list for each adventure zone, including Adventure Zone pack drops, Dungeon pack drops, special encounter rewards, and much more!
      • Race and Class breakdowns, including a list of racial bonuses, shard grids for each level, and other goodies
      • Basic Topics, including game-terms, set information and statistics, mechanics and some rule clarifications, PvE Conditions, and more!
      • A breakdown of Frost Ring arena rewards, encounters, and more!
      Wow, sounds great! What's the catch?

      No catch: The PvE Compendium is open to everyone who shares a passion for Hex PvE as a resource anyone can use!

      How can I help?

      There are several things you can do if you're interested in helping out the PvE Compendium:
      • We are always looking for more article contributors - especially in regards to particular race/class combos and decks. If you are interested in contributing to the PvE Compendium without necessarily becoming a Team Clockwork member - shoot Brynhildr a message!
      • The PvE Compendium site's hosting costs are maintained by the generous donations of Hex community members. If you are interested in helping us keep the site afloat, donations are welcome (NEVER required) and go directly towards the cost of hosting the site. Simply mosey on over to our homepage and we have a donation tracker on the right side of the page. Thank you very much for helping to keep us going!
      I noticed a problem or an error! What can I do?

      Submit a Compendium Change Form and one of our article writers will fix it/change it.

      Thank you again to everyone who helped make the Compendium possible - you guys rock!

      - Brynhildr

    • Hi Folks!

      This is just a notice that the PvE Compendium has joined ranks with the Hex4Newbies Wiki and has migrated there!

      The Team Clockwork PvE Compendium will be shutting down in approximately one week. All information that was contained there can now be found at the Hex 4 Newbies Wiki.

      - Bryn