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    • Team Clockwork - Community Driven Guild

      “Luck? Perhaps. But more often, I dare to say, luck is simply the
      advantage a true warrior gains in executing the correct course of
      - Drizzt Do’Urden, The Halfling’s Gem

      Welcome to Team Clockwork – a guild focused on three core values: comradery, competitiveness, and creativity.

      Team Clockwork is a guild looking for players who are ready to be a part of something new. We are composed of a wide variety of players from people taking their first tentative steps into a TCG, all the way up the spectrum to players who have participated in the highest tier of tournament in other TCG games. We focus on recruiting members who are willing to give their best effort and contribute to the well-being of the guild; whatever that may be for that member.

      BrynhildrGuildMaster – I am a King Tier kickstarter who has been playing TCGs for over twenty years, growing up playing TCGs like MTG, WoW:TCG, and Pokemon. I love not only to compete in high-end tournaments, but also to think up wacky deck ideas to have fun with. I used to play WoW as part of a guild called Immortality; I participated in the world-first kills on Lord Kazzak and Ouro.

      WyantOfficer – Wyant is no stranger to the competitive scene of TCGs, having participated in innumerable tournaments for various trading card games, most notably Pro Tours in MTG. When he’s not busy slinging cards, he’s probably chasing after some obscure achievement in WoW.

      Team Clockwork is a guild founded by the community, FOR the community. We are seeking members who want to be a part of a new guild experience from the ground up. We would like members to meet the following criteria:

      * Passion for the game - People who are driven to succeed and want to have a good time. Positive people who will contribute to a positive atmosphere.
      * Comradery for their fellow guildmates - People who want to band together to advance a common cause. Who are willing to help each other with what they need, whether that is a deck test, some drafting advice, a spare card, or in other ways. We want players to be a part of our team and contribute to its success.
      * People who are excited about the prospect of building something new. - Team Clockwork is a relatively new guild. Although we formed last year, we are still looking for members who want to become part of a new experience and help shape both our guild and the game together.

      I understand how important a guild that is run fairly and in an organized manner is. I have run previous guilds dating all the way back to Ultima Online and have the experience necessary to ensure things run
      smoothly. I am dedicated to the game, and will not just “up and disappear.” A guild to me is one that fosters teamwork in its members, and I intend to help cultivate that feeling by organizing our own guild events – both PvE and PvP. Therefore, you can expect:

      - Guild Events: Organized tournaments, Guild League, PvE Raids, and other activites.
      - Competitive PvP Structure: Including internal meta-deck testing and playtests.
      - Fun PvE Atmosphere: Where creative decks are encouraged and we share our discoveries.
      - Unified Team Structure: When Guilds are implemented fully, we will utilize all features available (Guild Bank? Guild Tab?) to ensure we function at a high level.
      - Fair Guild Structure: A guild that encourages cooperation and equal division of resources. No “Officers get Loot first!” mentality.
      - Tools to help our guild flourish - including Voice Chat and a website.
      - Guild Produced Content: Our more creative members are encouraged to contribute to the Hex Community with their creations. Our team has also created the PvE Compendium, Hex's largest database of in-game PvE content!

      We ask of our members that they have the following traits:

      1) Maturity – Our guild is comprised of many older gamers and I simply cannot shield younger members of our guild from every crude joke or curse word. Therefore, we ask that members are able to tolerate a more mature guild community. Though we do not restrict our guild to members 18 or older, please understand that by joining you will be subject to occasional adult conversations/topics.

      2) Team-Oriented – Our guild is comprised of all types of players. From the hardcore pro-player to the very casual free-to-play player. We ask that all members contribute to the guild in their own way; whether that is by helping others test their decks, offering advice, or even contributing cards or equipment to other guildmates. On that same note – the guild is not a charity; we each have expectations of that we hope to achieve within the game, and it is expected that if you ask for resources, you contribute some in kind.

      3) Fun – We ask that our members have fun by participating in everything the game has to offer, as well as our own community events. The guild is only as enjoyable as the members that comprise it.

      4) Tolerant – We will not tolerate any behavior that contributes to a negative guild atmosphere. While constructive criticism of ideas is expected and encouraged, we have a zero tolerance policy for any sort of trolling or harassment. Violators will be removed from the guild.

      Sound like a group you are interested in being a part of? Great! Simply shoot Brynhildr an in-game mail or a message on the forums, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an invitation to come visit us in Discord. We do conduct a brief survey of our applicants to make sure we weed out the trolls, so be prepared to discuss a few things, namely:
      - What parts of Hex you are interested in.
      - What you would like to see from our guild.
      - What you expect from Team Clockwork.

      Thanks for reading!
      - Adam (Brynhildr)

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    • What's new with Team Clockwork? - Q1 2017

      - Season 2 of Team Clockwork's Guild League has begun!
      Our format is Post-Rotation Constructed, with set 6 becoming legal as
      soon as it is released. With prizes donated from guildmates, Guild
      league will help prepare members for the post-rotation metagame. Guild
      League is open to any members or recruits, and is a great way to
      practice and meet other members!

      - PvE Compendium 500th Article
      The PvE Compendium (
      ) closes in on its 500th article! We are planning on a cool PvE
      giveaway to commemorate this achievement, so look for that soon! Coming
      soon - PvE Lore Section.

      - Constructed Representation
      Congratulations to the following members on their PvP achievements:
      - NephilimArmy (Top 64 Cosmic Constructed)
      - Brynhildr (11th Place - Blood Cup, Top 64 Cosmic Constructed)
      - LakosPolan (Top 64 Cosmic Limited)

      Team Clockwork is still recruiting! If you'd like to be a part of our
      team and join a friendly group of players with a passion for the game,
      shoot Brynhildr an in-game mail or PM on the forums!

      See you guys in Scars of War!
      - Brynhildr

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    • What's new with Team Clockwork in Q2 - 2017?

      Season 2 Guild League Ends
      Congratulations to NephilimArmy, Kalemero, and OdracirPR for taking the top three spots of our guild league this season! These folks got first pick of sweet delicious lewt, including a Playset of Angel of Dawn, Crocosaurs, Packs, and tons of other goodies!

      PvE Compendium 500th Article Giveaway
      Our team recently published our 500th PvE article, culminating in a massive PvE Giveaway! Congratulations to the winners who walked away with a dragon's hoard of PvE packs, equipment, and other prizes!

      Tournament Representation
      Congratulations to the following folks on their recent PvP achievements:
      - BirthingPodder (Top 64 Constructed Ladder)
      - NephilimArmy (Top 64 Constructed Ladder)
      - Smradd (Top 8 of Platinum Plunder)
      - CaptRalfio (WINNER of FiveShards' Weekly, 3rd Place in FiveShards' Diamond Cup)
      - Brynhildr (10th Place - Hex Clash - 4/23)
      - LakosPolan (11th Place - Hex Clash - 4/16)

      Our Team is looking for passionate and motivated folks who want to join our community! If you are interested in becoming a part of a great team, contact Brynhildr in game, or send me a message on the forums.

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