Looking for Immortal Testing Group

    • Looking for Immortal Testing Group

      Hey Immortal enthusiasts! As you may already know, the Hex Primal Immortal queue isn't always the best place to test your decks for the Immortal format. I have run into more new players and jank decks than I would like. Therefore, I would like to form a group of players who are looking to explore the format and generate some concrete data about matchups and deck lists. I would like to get around 8 players, though a few more wouldn't be unwelcome of course (and I would make do with a few less).

      The most important quality in my mind for a member of the team is to have access to multiple decks in the format they think they are reasonable to try. This is because we want to be able to test a variety of matchups and if we have to keep lending cards to a player for them to pilot any deck besides their primary, they aren't of that much use to the team (sorry). For example, I have Aggro McBombus, a couple builds of Hideous Conversion, and a SD deck that I have won matches with against real Immortal decks (primarily Titania's Majesty). I can also pretty easily build Angus or Yotul.

      If you are interested in testing Immortal with me and the team, leave a comment below, send me a PM, or message me in game. Thanks!