Battleshopper wants to buy your cards for CASH!

    • Battleshopper wants to buy your cards for CASH!

      Hey guys, if you are unfamiliar with Battleshopper, let me introduce you. We are the simplest way to get your Hex singles you need for that sweet constructed deck. No longer do you have to fuss with trying to buy platinum, then wait till you can find a deal in the Auction House. Just go in, put what you want in the cart, and feel safe knowing that you are getting a price cheaper than that of the Auction House.

      That said, we also BUY cards, and thats what we're here talking about today. You can find our buylist at where you can find out how to get paid for your Hex cards!

      Some of our best deals at the moment are Bride of the Damned for $15.08, Well of Cunning for $2.51, and Well of Conquest for $2.59! As well as many many more! You can also get paid in store credit!!

      Matt A better way to buy Hex singles.

      Check out our buylist here we wanna give you cash for your cards!