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  • Cool Forum Features

    Hey everyone! It has come to my attention that not everyone knows about the cool features we have snuck into the forums. So! I am making an announcement so you can find all the little things we add for you :)

    I am going to start with HEX emoticons. We have card related graphics which anyone can add into their posts! Here's how you do it:

    1. When making a post, click the "Smilies" tab.
    2. Click the "HEX" category
    Next, we have the ability to put card and champion images into posts! To do so, you have three options:

    1. You can click the "Card" button on the posting menu (#1)
    2. You can click the "Champion" button on the posting menu (#2)
    3. Or you can click the ""Deck" button (#3) We've disabled this feature for now as there seem to be some dreadlings mucking about. Will enable once we catch them all.
    4. You can of course also put the corresponding tags around your text manually as well

    For options 1 & 2, you will get a cool interface that will let you search for cards even if you don't quite remember their names.

    Please note that some images may not be included yet as we are still transitioning over all our assets into this tool. We are working on it!