Fully Equipped - Hawkor’s Same-Day Delivery Service

    • Phenteo's Storefront (my name for Hawkor Terrorantuals) is a real beast in the campaign right now. Tomb Swap as a budget idea to replace CM seems like a nice trick :D

      In terms of the raptors - savage lord with hands equip is completely amazing with Hawkor :D PackRap and PackHunt provides the kind of engine that makes you feel sorry for the AI :D

      Nice article Nico, I look forward to many more :D

    • I've been playing with Festival Barker in my version of Hawkor. Combo goes like this:
      -Have Feet equipment (Festival Pumps) on Festival Barker to cause all Elves drawn to get speed and crush
      -Have Spirit Dance with Trinket (Ghost Band) to reduce it's cost by 2
      -Load up the deck with 1 and 2 cost elves, doesn't matter what they are, they will get buffed by Spirit Dance and Hawkors passive
      -Activate Hawkors charge power and play Spirit Dance for cost 2
      -Empower Festival Barker which now costs 0 (or 4 if it was in your hand) and draw all Elves from the top 10 cards
      -Play all of those Elves which cost -1 to 0 and have +2/2, speed, and crush
      -Play any Empowered Barkers you draw for 0 and repeat, with each equipped card played giving your speedy crush creatures +1/+1
      -Laugh as you one shot the enemy out of nowhere
      (Pack Hunter your Barkers to make your OTK even OTKier)

      Not as good as Terror/Mill, but super fun