Im disappointed.

    • Im disappointed.

      Im disappointed with this game. For years now it has stayed the same with nothing changing. Game modes people barely play. Nothing new and exciting. Empty promises. i feel bad for all the money that was spent trying to keep the community alive. There is nothing to show for the support that we gave. The time and energy. The meta hasnt changed so the gameplay is still the same as it was what 3 4 years ago I lost track of the time. A set 10 to never be released. This is what killed the game. Everyone waiting for a new set that never came. There were so many ways you could have gone about this and even had the community trying to help but you left us hanging to dry. I am salty. I am super salty. I valued my cards I played hard i strategized. Spent countless hours trying to make things more interesting but you cant with a broken meta. its hard to be original when you see the same stuff over and over. People liked some of your other game modes because that was the only way someone could compete where both players had uncertainty in there deck. its not enough to save this game. With nothing new to offer the game has gone dry. only a few people still hanging on. the few new people you get dont stay long once they realize its a dead game. I am disappointed at myself for believing this long.I believed in this game and wanted to see it go a long way. I was Homeless selling cards from time to time just to get food. I relied on this game and community to help me to trying times and now.... I dont even need it. I dont even want it. I had high hopes for you and I'm sorry. This is my final goodbye. Goodbye to dinotropia and his keeps that made coming up with strategies exciting. Goodbye to alucard who just had all the luck. goodbye to the devs and the community. Most of all goodbye King Gabriel, if it wasnt for him I wouldn't have liked the game as much. all it took was 1 questionaire win to get me hooked and a card called Sliver of the Immortal Spear. Truly I hope it works out and you revive or start over fresh and become successfull but as of today I am utterly disappointed.
    • Amen,

      I lost my account about 2 years ago. no support whats so ever. The guy you need to reach blatantly ignored my request and hasnt been online FOR OVER 3 WEEKS.
      Al the resources spend in this and the only thing you can do is start over again. It's a game with a great potential but the developers are clearly interrested in the easy money and no time to spend a little effort in the rest.

      I cant imagine that the support is proud of themselves though.

      This game has the potential to compete against the other TCG's, maybe rise above it (at least in a lot of points).
      But only if the devs and support are going to start to take themselves seriously again, only if they just take this advise as a swift kick against the bottom. They must act and they have to do it FAST.

      But this is no news to them so i can't imagine this game reviving.
      It was great while it lasted, but the ending was as terrible as the last season of GOT.
    • Well no use beating a dead horse.

      Wish things would have turned out differently, because Hex was the most enjoyable tcg I ever played. And thats saying a lot from someone who started MtG at third edition and had a 10k collection with P9, dual lands yadadada at one time.