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    • FRA - Romo Top Notch Decklists!

      Hi guys! I thought it would be nice to share some of my own creations for Frost Ring Arena. Some of them have nice suggestions made by other players, mainly Linux, Limestone y BabyBanana. Hope you enjoy and let me know any improvements! Enjoy and keep on Hexing!

      More to follow...

      Yetis & Dragons:
      Diamond Ruby
      Sir Giles Rowan

      x4 Ruby Shard
      x4 Brewed Ambrosia
      x4 Well of Conquest
      x3 Diamond Ice
      x3 Ruby Ice
      x4 Wax Sacrament

      x4 Spectral Acorn
      x4 Baby Yeti (Gloves) (Weapon)
      x4 Pappy Jasper (Chest)
      x4 Chained Peak Yeti (Feet)
      x4 Yeti or Not
      x4 Mama Yeti
      x3 Ryaalinth the Soulcursed (Head)
      x3 Lyvaanth
      x4 Dragonspeaker Daliah (Trinket) // Major Diamond Of Battalion
      x4 Primordial Sabretooth

      Element Of Surprise:
      Ruby Sapphire
      Thakra the Ember

      x4 Brewed Ambrosia
      x4 Crackling Vortex
      x4 Well of Innovation
      x2 Ruby Ice
      x2 Sapphire Ice
      x4 Remnant of Innovation

      x4 Spectral Acorn
      x4 Stormsprite (Head) (Weapon)
      x4 Burn
      x4 Boltspasm
      x4 Lightning Elemental
      x4 Crackling Bolt
      x4 Crackling Tide (Feet)
      x4 Thermogenesis
      x4 Quenchinator // Major Ruby of Galvanism
      x4 Storm of the Century (Chest) (Gloves)

      Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter:
      Uzzu the Bonewalker

      x8 Diamond Shard
      x4 Brewed Ambrosia
      x4 Diamond Ice
      x4 Wax Sacrament

      x4 Spectral Acorn
      x4 Hex Geode
      x4 Noble Heart
      x4 Lixil's Bauble
      x4 Light the Votives
      x4 Daughter of the Poet
      x4 Brilliant Annihilix // Major Diamond Of Solidarity - Minor Diamond Of Duty
      x4 Iljun's Parade // Major Diamond Of Battalion
      x4 Slaughtergear's Reaver (Chest) (Weapon)
      x4 Slaughtergear's Guardian (Gloves) (Feet)

      Stingy Draw:
      Blood Ruby Sapphire
      Sharpshooter Sahas

      x4 Brewed Ambrosia
      x2 Well of Hatred
      x2 Well of Innovation
      x2 Well of Cunning
      x2 Ruby Ice
      x2 Sapphire Ice
      x4 Remnant of Hatred
      x4 Remnant of Innovation

      x4 Spectral Acorn
      x3 Crazed Rummaging
      x3 Runebind
      x4 Cerebral Jack-hat (Chest)
      x4 Fuel for the Fire
      x4 Morphology(Gloves)
      x4 Impulse(Trinker)
      x4 Tidal Eddy (Feet)
      x4 Cyclone Shaper
      x4 Stingy Jack (Weapon)

      Hieroplants 4000:
      Blood Wild
      The Shadow of Blightwood

      x8 Wild Shard
      x4 Well of Ancients
      x4 Remnant of Ancients
      x4 Root of Ancients

      x4 Spectral Acorn
      x4 Bramble Creeper
      x4 Howling Brave (Feet)
      x4 Chlorophyllia (Head) (Weapon)
      x4 Blightbush
      x4 Blightseed Fiddler (Trinket)
      x4 Baroness Floriana
      x4 Rune Ear Hierophant // Major Blood Orb Of Intimidation - Minor Wild Orb Of Conservation
      x4 Replipopper (Gloves)
      x4 Aryndel Warden (Chest)

      Diamond Ruby
      Haraza the Incinerator

      x4 Diamond Shard
      x4 Ruby Shard
      x4 Well of Conquest
      x2 Diamond Ice
      x2 Ruby Ice
      x4 Wax Sacrament
      x2 Root of Conquest

      x4 Spectral Acorn
      x4 Sentry of Nulzann (Weapon)
      x3 Wakuna Lookout // Minor Diamond of Fate
      x3 Protectorate Defender (Gloves) // Major Ruby of Impulse
      x1 Obsidian Cyclops // Major Ruby of Destruction - Minor Diamond of Life
      x4 Altar of Nulzann
      x3 Emsee, Etcher of Nulzann // Major Diamond of the Seraph
      x1 Grim Skull Tactician // Minor Diamon of Tactics
      x3 Quenchinator // Major Ruby of Galvanism
      x4 Brilliant Annihilix (Chest) // Major Ruby of Twinstrike - Minor Ruby of the Arena
      x2 Lady Cassandra (Trinket) // Major Ruby of Destruction - Minor Diamond of Life
      x4 Animus of Nulzann (Head) // Major Diamond of Hope
      x1 Forgotten Monarch // Major Diamond of Battalion - Minor Diamond of Fate
      x1 Cosmic Shaman // Major Ruby of Destruction - Minor Diamond of Life

      Diamond Wild
      Marshal Josephina

      x4 Brewed Ambrosia
      x4 Well of Life
      x2 Diamond Ice
      x2 Wild Ice
      x4 Wax Sacrament
      x4 Remnant of Life

      x4 Spectral Acorn
      x4 Howling Brave (Feet)
      x4 Glimmerfly Dance (Trinket)
      x4 Ardent Recruiter (Chest)

      x3 Warparty Guide (Head)
      x4 Satyr's Roost Bard
      x3 Howling Plains Alpha (Weapon)
      x4 Ardent Crusader // Minor Diamond of Wind
      x3 Hero of Legend
      x3 Moonrise Elder // Major Diamon of Battalion
      x3 Exalted Pathfinder
      x1 Martyred Saint

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    • I want to share my latest creation, Necro Charge!

      Frostshaper Gorkrog

      Brewed Ambrosia x4
      Well of Cunning x4
      Shard of Cunning
      Blood Ice x2
      Sapphire Ice x2
      Sapphire Shard x3
      Blood Shard x2
      Sepulchra Crypt Dust x2

      Spectral Acorn x4
      Voice of Tombs x4 (Feet and Chest)
      Underworld Recruiter x4
      Forbidden Tomeseeker x2
      Cryptcurse Knight (Rage 1 Minor Blood Orb of Hatred Gem)
      Heartsworn Caller x4 (Speed Minor Blood Orb of Frenzy)
      Underworld Reinforcements x4 (Head)
      Naagaan Lapidary x3 (Underworld Major Orb)
      Herofall x4 (Gloves)
      Underworld Crusader x3 (Minor Sapphire of Sky)
      Heartsworn Mordrom x3 (Weapon)
      Lixil, Heartsworn x4 (Trinket)

      Deck has been working very consistently, winning around turns 4-6 against any encounter. I don't really remember how Underworld Reinforcements is supposed to work but right now with Equip is reveal top 3 put all underworld troops into play and void rest which is insane. Hero power, Lixil and Mordrom and Callers will help you gather insane charges which you use to generate more Underworld Reinforcements or whatever you need, just remember you must meet trheshold requirements to play the copy. Lixil with trinket allows also for extra turns allowing to easily overcome any encounter. Some cool interactions also include:

      * Voice with lethal will make it a primary target for AI, and will constantly see it's way to the crypt, either by dead or by mill from the many encounters. You can also create a charge cycle with an extra copy and a Recruiter, it basically becomes pay 1: gain a charge. Keep in mind you must click a lot.
      * Yes, herofall with equip is a dead card in some matches but it changes some of the hard ones to easy ones. It does create in some games fixing consistency but so far it works and takes you from those unwinnable matches to an easy win.
      * Mordrom is just insane with equip. It usually steals defenses or takes you out of though positions and even if it might take some turns to win it allows you to always have a solid board presence. I usually prefer Lixil extra turn to use first and that's why he is only x3.
      * Lixil over Recruiter's Ring Equip. The ring makes the Recruiter a strong priority target for the AI, and you absolutely want the Recruiter to stay on board so you can easily play Reinforcements, Mordrom and Lixil and start the engine until you eventually win.
      * Naagaan Lapidary works great as the AI usually doesn't target or block him and you can steal his best troop. Between him, Herofall and Mordrom sometimes you just end up winning with the encounter's threats.
      * Reactor bot might seem good on paper but it's better to stick with only necrotics. Heartsworn Equip is also great if you don't want to depend too much on Reinforcements but it's way more unfair and consistent to use the Head Equip for the Reinforcements.

      Only thing that stills might need some tuning is the resource base, sometimes Crypt Dust might be not useful (reason for only x2) but I do have some games where I need both double thresholds to play cards but usually still win with no issues. Ices are there for more Reinforcements hits but sometimes make it slower for you to win, but hey if you are still winning consistently I guess it's ok.

      The only other deck I see as consistent and quick to win is Candle Cyclops so I hope you have same level success and fun I'm having with this deck, enjoy!