Pheromones + Feral = Softlock

    • Pheromones + Feral = Softlock

      So, was playing in the Corinth Merry Melee mode. Opponent gave his troop Feral using a Rand Amp, and then played a Pheromones on it and attacked. Now, I only had one blocker at the time. The game wouldn't let me not block his troop (because of the Pheromones), but it also wouldn't let me block it (because of the Feral). From a rules standpoint, since I had no legal blocks I think Pheromones shouldn't apply. From a gameplay standpoint, I was left unable to do anything except watch my timer tick down (my opponent graciously conceded). I imagine this interaction could be open to abuse in Immortal - wait until opponent plays a single troop, then drop Baby Yeti into Pheromones with Rabid Rider and force a win due to time out.

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