I tunnel my troop and win the Arena

    • I tunnel my troop and win the Arena

      I wanted to play the big worm from teh campaign and the dwarf that call him. So I made a tunneling deck.
      I try the Arena just to see how it works and I just finish it !! I didnt expect that. I went 13-2

      Here a link to the youtube video I post. I don't have a micro yet so there is no sound .I have order one, when it come I will edit the video

      Here the list for the one who don't like Youtube ^^ :

      Main deck with Tunneling and extra turn

      4 Wormoid Hydra
      4 Worm Caller
      4 Reese the Crustcrawler
      4 Mastery of Time
      4 Excavation Bot
      4 Fissuresmith

      For survive the early game

      4 Burn
      4 Transmogrifade
      4 Arcane Focus AA


      4 Crackling Vortex
      4 Well of Innovation
      4 Remnant of Innovation
      4 Brewed Ambrosia
      4 Ruby Ice
      4 Sapphire Ice

      Maybe 4 Reese is too much since he is Unique.