Hex.tcgbrowser (Where everything drops)

    • Hex.tcgbrowser (Where everything drops)

      I asked from Fred and got data what we been looking for. And here is link for it:

      It got all info as text version from tcgbrowser.hexpvptools.net/#!/cards
      Which isnt working just now and that was reason why we needed that text version.
      (Romichette made original hex.tcgbrowser.com which dont excist anymore and gave data to Fred)

      Fred is the one who made hexpvptools.net/ which is really useful site to all who want to be better in pvp. It has results from all tournaments and also every deck and even side deck what been used.

      Keeping up this kind of sites isnt cheap, so if u are able to help him even bit, it would help lots to keep them up.

      Best way to help him is become a patron : patreon.com/hexpvptools
      and pay bit every month to him. It can be like 1 dollar. It dont have to be lots. (I self pay atm 5$/month which is something i can afford)
      Or u can help him with one-time donation by PayPal hexpvptools.net/donate

      If u cant pay anything, dont be sad. Just use site and tell every1 that it excist. It will help also. Then every1 have more fun in this game and that way we also get more new players who wants to stay in this game.

      Like Fred said to me...
      Enjoy =)