Infinite Reality, or "Everything but the Tachyons..."

    • Infinite Reality, or "Everything but the Tachyons..."

      I finally had a chance to play with some new deck ideas I've been brewing since Scars of War launched, and I've come up with a pretty amusing build to showcase one of my favorite new cards of the set: Parallel Realities.

      The Concept
      Imagine a season of Star Trek: The Next Generation - You've got temporal anomalies. You've got alternate realities. You've got subspace distortions, replicators, transporters, telepaths, and phasers on stun. And you always have tachyons. Seriously, if Gene Roddenberry taught us nothing else, it is that space is pretty much a mess of tachyons hell-bent on making life interesting for an hour every week. Well, this deck brings you all of that...except the tachyons. There are messes aplenty on Entrath without the need to add space to the mix.

      This deck teams up Time Bug and Parallel Realities to create infinite-turn loops that are completely sustainable, all while locking the opponent in deep stasis through Stormcall and Empress of Ice. Captain's Parrot shines here, and Frenetic Doppelganger enables some wonderful versatility, but may inadvertently trigger a paradox. Stratolith and Air Superiority correct that paradox, but otherwise serve as death-from-above overkill.

      The Deck - Infinite Reality
      Note: This is the "V1.0 - Proof of Concept" stage of the deck. It works great, but it isn't optimized or tailored to specific play styles. Feel free to cut 4x's down to taste, supplementing with interrupts, bounce effects, or whatever else you find rounds out the versatility in the field.
      Note: I didn't link cards here because SoW/AZ2 cards don't seem to work and the mixed links looked bad.

      Champion: Any Sapphire Champion. I chose Dreaming Fox for FRA runs, as I prefer the action-based card draw on the off chance that I still have a Parrot one-shot at that point. For Campaign characters, any champion/merc that has at least 3 rare Sapphire and 3 rare Artifact slots in the grid can be adapted to work well.

      Captain's Parrot x4
      Empress of Ice x4
      Frenetic Doppelganger x4 (Doppel Gloves)
      Stratolith x4 (Prodigen Helmet)*
      Time Bug x4

      Air Superiority x4
      Parallel Realities x4 (Eyes of Infinite Outcomes)*
      Peek x4
      Stormcall x4 (Footwraps of the Stormcaller)

      Sapphire Shard x20
      Starsphere x4

      *Choose headgear to taste; Prodigen Helm offers boosted combat trick versatility, while the Eyes adds some useful protection against removal-happy opponents.

      A Deeper Look
      Let's break down each card and key interaction:

      - Time Bug + Parallel Realities: Parallel Realities gives a troop the ability to copy itself when it attacks, and then it reverts. The new copy retains this copy-then-revert power, so Parallel Realities keeps on giving as long as you can keep the latest iteration of the troop alive long enough to attack. Time Bug is a perfect candidate for this, as whenever you are able to hit the opponent with two Time Bugs, you can send them back to your deck in exchange for an additional turn.

      A single Parallel Realities on a Time Bug means that you'll get a free turn every other turn. But if you can get two Parallel Realities cast on the same Time Bug, you get TWO free Time Bugs with each attack, and you will have a completely sustainable infinite-turn engine. So how can we boost this?

      - Captain's Parrot: This little bad boy is a great source of resource-ramp in a color that almost never gets much ramp love. That alone justifies a spot in many decks. However, our fine feathered friend here has another mighty trick - it copies the first action you cast while it is in play. A Captain's Parrot that still has its one-shot when you cast Parallel Realities provides you with an immediate permanent-turn machine if you have a Time Bug in play.

      - Frenetic Doppelganger: Equipped, this troop is amazing here. At the start of each of your turns, it becomes a copy of a target troop in play. This includes opposing troops, so you can be assured to get a piece of the biggest threat on the board. But let's just focus on our own crew, shall we? Doppelganger can copy Time Bugs, triggering extra turns in a pinch while we're building up to our Parallel Reality trick. They can copy Captain's Parrot to dramatically accelerate our ramp and to get extraordinary mileage out of the Parrot's one-shot ability. In the later game, they can become another Empress to expedite the lockdown, or another Stratolith to bring the pain. All good things.

      NOTE: Frenetic Doppelganger can cause a reality paradox! If you target the Doppelganger with a Parallel Realities (or if you copy a troop affected by it), remember that the Doppelganger will revert back to a basic 0/3 Doppelganger once you attack. That will not only potentially break your Time Bug loops if you don't manage to attack with two real Time Bugs, but it can also drag out a game because you'll end up with a massive swarm of Doppelgangers that (a) all require a target at the start of your turn, which takes a while, and (b) all revert to no-damage troops upon attack, severely slowing your damage output. But it can still be an awesome tactic if you can put that swarm of Doppelgangers to use, and we've built in a method here in case you need it...

      Stratolith + Air Superiority: Air Superiority is handy by itself because it makes your Time Bugs a bit more resilient and helps to accelerate your actual damage output. But Stratolith seems like an odd fit for a deck that is mostly packing flying troops already. He's here for two reasons: (1) A 4/7 body that comes with a useful combat trick is always a welcome addition to the party, and (2) he's the key to the Doppelganger paradox. Stratolith gives all of your troops inherent flight, which will persist through reversion. Air Superiority grants buffs to flying troops. Thus, if you end up with an army of auto-reverting Doppelgangers, they will all still be capable combatants. Let the good times roll.

      - Empress of Ice and Stormcall are wonderful control pieces to make sure you have the time and clear skies necessary to pull off our little gimmick. The Stormcall boots are a fun source of aerial-powerhouse card advantage. Peek is a brilliant aid in the early game as you dig for the combo pieces, and it is a fine candidate for Parrot one-shots as well. Starsphere is another, albeit subtle draw assist.

      Action shot:

      Note that the War Bot is at 4/4 resources, meaning that we hit our combo on Turn 5 and then took as many turns as we wanted before finally dropping War Bot on his head. Good times.

      And there you have it. Infinite reality with no added tachyons. Enjoy!
      The Unnamed Council - Community Admin