Extremely worrying behaviour coming from the remnants of the HXE team.

    • Extremely worrying behaviour coming from the remnants of the HXE team.

      So, this thread popped up on 01/01

      Tech Support Link Down

      A very bad look but hey, what's new, right? The important thing is to salvage whatever's left.

      On 03/01, I specifically pointed the problem out on this Friday announcement thread:

      Friday Update - Roidy for a New Year

      Then, we get this on 08/01.

      I can't access my old account

      To which I replied wishing the guy good luck in solving the issue and, half-jokingly, pointing him on the Hex support. Since I had seen the above first thread, I knew that they wouldn't get far that way. I don't remember the wording exactly, but it was obviously a jab at HXE in order to push them to update the support page.

      And I return today (17/01) to my reply being deleted. Which isn't the worst part.

      The worst part is that you are a MINIMUM of 2 weeks without game support but THE DAMN PAGE IS STILL NOT UPDATED AND THE LINK STILL BROKEN.

      So, yeah, guess they got time to censor us for telling them to fix one simple thing, but not to actually fix that thing.

      In my opinion, if they can't update one crucial part of the game, which is right there in the main homepage, (1) they do not deserve the remaining players they have right now and (2) you should forget any hopes you might have for improvement in the future.

      P.S. i'm screenshotting this post for safety
    • Those posts were removed because they were spreading misinformation. My apologies if that was an honest effort to help.

      I've been working in the background to see what alternative solutions we have for support, but for now the main page has been updated with directions to contact me via PM on the forums for in-game issues that can't be resolved with NOBLE assistance.