Forget it!

    • The player enter the void ability would be great if you could use it to create a second front. in which all voided cards were shown in play.
      While you are in the void, you can play as usual on your turn against the enemy cards voided. have a card type that returns yourself and or voided cards to the main board. cards going to the crypt in the void instead enter a void crypt. Maybe even a card that can void your opponent or pull them into the void.

      If both players are in the void, they can effect each others health totals.

      Effectively, a second game board.
    • I could see why steam integration would be a big one for some players, and have myself found I've had steam credit to spend on stuff but the options for Hex are a bit underwhelming atm.

      Bug Fixes and Stability are higher up on my list personally, as far as new stuff more campaign, new PvE cards to play with, maybe a supplemental set to spruce up limited and finish cycles we're part of the way through atm - looking at you Remnants.

      More equipment - it's something they could develop now without relying on new art assets and have a profound impact on PvE.

      Casual PvP format that allows PvE cards and equipment, even just challenge friends type thing.

      Block Limited - submit 360 card deck and entry fee (preferably gold) or split the cost 8 ways among the entrants, that gets split into 24 packs and drafted. Old style of draft where the rounds fire immediately - if not that multi-block draft would be kinda sweet too - draft your pool then queue with anyone else who's done any block draft, could be incentive to find a block to draft from you really enjoy the play of or has the GG cards you want for limited. Could make it custom entry fee and players keep what they draft with the entry fee going towards prize support and to the person who fronted the cards, or it could be only for that event you can use them, either way would be fine, but there's still some design choices in how the format works. Also if it could include PvE cards I'd be super happy, like just for this event you could pretend it was a PvP card?
    • Then maybe equipment to grant the card a countdown of 3 - 50 seconds, make a power effective increase, but cycle if not used in time.

      Cycle for any deck card, or just for equipped or equipped with countdown.
      Think deck tunnelling maybe.

      As you draw it, you then have to prioritise playing or cycle decisions quite quickly.
      Makes for a good Chaostouched motif.

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    • What the heck, this is all over the place...

      3 of those concern AH.
      There's even some champion power and keywords in there.
      And nothing about PvE.

      Are you a newer player? Because HEX did not fail due to any of these things. Even if they implemented 15/15 of your list, Hex v2.0 would die even faster than this game.

      Please remove the vote option, it is pointless. These are not features the game needs to be better, it's your scattered opinion on various stuff. There's no need for any other player voting.
    • DonnaKebab wrote:

      Poisonous communities do more damage to games than most other things!If you can't be constructive, move along and don't post back. simple.
      Believe me, the community was more than positive for years with hope and support for Hex. It is what it is now only as a direct result of the devs' (lack of) actions.

      The damage has already been done, and it was not by the community.

      Also, don't tell people how to post.
    • DonnaKebab wrote:

      The post isn't titled - How to fix Hex in 15 easy changes.... it's a jumbled mess of ideas to spark conversation and expansion of ideas.
      If you can't be constructive, move along and don't post back. simple.
      I have no issue with discussion. I offered feedback on your ideas.

      I consider them to be at third or fourth level of priority. Some of them are also out of the scope of suggestion, for example you say:

      DonnaKebab wrote:

      A 'Tunneling' esq ability that is a 'Play Buy' timer, so if it is n your hand you get 3 turns to play the card before it is discarded/recycled or if played in-time it is powered up.

      DonnaKebab wrote:

      13) Champion Ability - [2 charges] Void 3 random cards from your deck.
      14) Champion Ability - [1 charge] Move your champion between the Void where your hand temporarily becomes the cards within your Void instead of your hand. At the start of your turn choose to return [1 charge] or stay in the void. If you take Mele Damage whilst in the void, you lose the game. prerequisite - item 13.
      These are keywords and game mechanics. Such suggestions does NOT help the game at all, because it is 100% subjective. Do you think everyone enjoyed tunneling the same? Or that 100% of people agree that lifelink < deathtouch?

      The best part of your post is this, in my opinion

      DonnaKebab wrote:

      4) Steam integration.
      5) Larger Multi-player battles, 3v3 4v4 5v5 battles.