Budgetless Arena: Songstring Warden

    • Budgetless Arena: Songstring Warden

      Howling Brave
      Snarling Brave (Prairie Leather)
      Glimmerfly Dance
      Chlorophyllia (Gardener's Hat)
      Verdant Wyldeboar
      Mightsinger of Ages
      Prospero Sylvan Enchanter (Enchanter's Footwraps and Trickster's Gloves)
      Stampeding Wyldeboar
      Palm of Granite
      Songstring Warden (Songstring Bow and Deepwood Locket)

      Wild Shard (20)

      Note this isn't the infinite combat phases variant it's just go wide and swing repeatedly, finishing the game with Wyldeboars or crushing through with Mightsinger. If you want to go infinite with Songstring grab a Annihilix with Rhino and Steadfast/skyguard gems, replacing Prospero and Snarling Brave with Anni equipped and Orchi-Notion. -12 wild shards + a set of Well of Life Wild and Diamond Ice giving the glove slot to Palm and boots to Wyldeboar.