MVPvP 1: Colorless

    • MVPvP 1: Colorless

      MVPvP will be a serial article focusing on high value pickups for the PvE players collection, for those who don't open many packs and just are looking for specific cards to upgrade their PvE experience, while being useful in building for non-PvE as well. Part 1 - Colorless/Artifacts

      Shards - Wild/Sapphire/Blood/Ruby/Diamond Ice, Necropolis/Wakuna/Ayotachi Coins, Primal Prism. Fateweave on a resource interacts with itself quite well as you can have an entire 5 color resource base that will allow you to guarantee a shard next turn as well, the coins that are all upside allow you to fateweave and then grab that top card before the AI ruins your careful plans with mill disruption, and Primal Prism a strictly better Shard of Fate, can fix your resources in any color combination.

      Artifacts - Immortal Tears, Sentry of Nulzann, and honorable mention Broom Bot. Immortal Tears is another universal color fixer that interacts with runic and artifact synergy, Sentry of Nulzann only really goes into socket decks but the impact it has there is profound and while his equipment is a legendary one the impact of it coming down early in a game means if you want to run a sockets deck they're a must have in PvE accelerating your strategy enough to be competitive in the arena. Broom Bot itself won't likely see play in any of your decks, but it is worth equipping sometime as the first card in the uncommons section will summon one for you, grabbing a 1 cost card from your crypt - often a shard if you're using the coins mentioned above or in a plant/dinosaur deck where low cost troops have a profound impact themselves, pack raptor and Bramble Creeper come immediately to mind.

      Shards - Broomball, Rift Core. Broomball being an uninteruptable troop that grabs a card from your crypt - maybe even Broomball - gives you something to do with your shard when you're flooding and doesn't hurt your primary strategy when you fateweave for hopefully more impactful cards. Likewise Rift Core fills the same roll giving you a card in exchange for a shard that you probably aren't needing this late in the game but can help you get there as a shard when necessary, it also interacts with "Transformed" triggers in some decks or "Portal" more specifically. There's quite a lot at uncommon that's great utility, removal, reversion, draw, and in a pinch a blocker.

      Artifacts - Robogoyle, Polyberry Pouch, Gravebane Vial. Robogoyle is the go-to mill hate card, giving you another turn or two to get through and being an evasive threat on it's own right when you get it for free, you can build a strategy around milling yourself to obtain them, the equipment is very powerful, and with an abundance of mill decks in siege mode - provided having a relatively dead draw in the more aggressive matches doesn't end your run can be a free win. Polyberry Pouch can disrupt your opponents strategy turning their key troop into something more easily managed, upgrading your early utility or free ancillary troops into something better (dreadlings for example), the equipment is great if you plan to use it on your own card, it being an artifact is often relevant and that it doesn't stick around too long on board means you're not being punished for having played it in certain arena encounters - Never underestimate the power of free cards. Gravebane Vial is cheap and efficient graveyard hate, worst case scenario you pay 2 and it replaces itself, again not sticking around on board means you're not being punished, and when it matters it matters a great deal, it allows you to mill opponents who have a bad habbit of putting their crypt back into their decks, can be used as a reaction to an opponent using a reanimation effect often wasting their turn or burning their charge power.

      Shards - Well/Remnant of Ancients/Hatred/Innovation/Life/Purpose/Conquest/Cunning/Instinct/Retribution/Savagery, Permafrost, Nameless Drought, Blightbark Reserve, Wax Sacrament. Not all of the Remnants have been released yet but if we see another set before Hex 2 expect them to be 5 of the rare cards in that set, but otherwise the remnants and wells are #1 choices for decks in those colors to fix reliably and without slowing you down on curve. Permafrost is a bit more niche but it's incredibly powerful with cards that see plan in PvE having up to 5 threshold requirements being played turn 1 is definitely worth picking up if you play anything with one of those strategies. Nameless Drought, Blightbark Reserve, and Wax Sacrament are lower priority pickups to just fixing your thresholds, but can be a decent upgrade to a basic shard in decks that care about their effects, in addition to Ludicrous Libations, Feralfuel, and Kismet's Curio as shards that in addition to providing a resource and either a threshold or a charge give you an action to count towards number of actions played this game/turn, to discard as a cost, and then to be an action in your crypt really do count towards multiple strategies and can be a decent upgrade, the later cards don't have as much standalone impact even in the decks that really want those effects and the downside of Kismet's Whim compared to Polyberr Pouch is you can never use it on an opposing troop that's coming for your life points or making their deck work that much better - being rarer and less versatile isn't really what you should be looking for here.

      Artifacts - Warpsteel Widget, Commander P.R.O.M.P.T., Pocket Army, Replipopper 4000, Chaos Gate. Warpsteel Widget is one of those cards that only really sees play in PvE as it's equipment turns it into a build around for basically it's own deck type, giving a huge advantage to you throughout the game, and being versatile, however it's only really good in that deck. Commander P.R.O.M.P.T. fits a variety of aggressive and control builds, making an otherwise innocuous board lethal very quickly. Pocket Army outside of limited doesn't see much play so after it's drafted you can grab them relatively cheaply and the equipment makes it much less vulnerable to removal, while curving out into a slightly larger Pocket Army each turn isn't a reliable strategy to win in PvE encounters the way it interacts with Rowdy, and in the artifact synergy decks giving you more triggers and having bodies on board is a very good card. Replipopper 4000 on the other hand can end games on it's own if unanswered and is very worth protecting, the equipment for it makes it even more impactful and could mean late answers to them just aren't enough, often if not ending the game clearing the board for your other troops to end it for you, the chance that they get lethal or lifedrain makes the deathcry from equipping it even stronger at keeping you in the game, and Feral Flight and Speed allow you to connect quite often stopping the opponent from dealing with it when it could have mattered. Chaos Gate is one of the few answers to a board stall you can run in any deck, it's certainly slow and will prompt your opponent to spend that last turn of board presence being aggressive - it doesn't protect you in the same way Extinction for example might, but it also stops the opponent from further developing the turn after you play it, definitely not the best mass removal available but absolutely can be the best for some decks, another downside is it comes down relatively late at 6 cost and voiding everything while powerful also stops you from using many strategies to recover from that wipe yourself.

      Legendary Artifacts
      Dark Heart of Nulzann
      Fits multiple roles, sole troop in a control deck, sockets mainstay, efficient midrange finisher. Certainly makes the grind to level 100 worthwhile if you don't have them otherwise, and worth picking up if you don't want to wait to hit that level 100 mark to finish your set of them, PvE gives you a wide variety of options to socket them with from double damage, direct damage, discard when it connects so they lose a card if they throw down a blocker or not, handful of other useful deploy and deathcry effects.

      Eternal Relic
      Handful of cards you can throw down early that eventually win you the game, it's a bit slow but the payoff is amazing and if you happen to run other Eternal cards in your deck, or draw multiple copies, the cost reduction is great in those control shells. Not to mention generating powerful cards once it's online which will end the game even faster for you. Once again for Artifact Synergy decks a 1 cost artifact with impact on how the game plays out is always welcome.

      Fallen Singularity
      One of the worthwhile aggregate advantage engines in colorless, buffing your team, gaining charges, and very fitting in mono color or perhaps two color control shells that gain advantage from your charge power. Renner control is it's best home probably, but if you're playing a Haraza aggro or midrange it gives you a late game, top of the curve for Obliteron Solis control, or to keep the ball rolling in Adoni-Zeddek verdicts, buffing your Phantoms. One of the better "Makes everything better" options that fits into several lists.

      Corners of the World
      Somewhere between Dark Heart of Nulzann and Fallen Singularity it doesn't answer everything the way Dark Heart does but it also isn't as easily removed from play, additionally it can bring back quality 3 cost cards you play that meet their untimely end or generate elementals if your deck cares about them, it works well alongside Dark Heart as well as it can continually generate the sacrifice and maintain both making it very difficult for the opponent to maintain any kind of board presence.

      Hope this was helpful, after I finish the single thresholds and prismatic cards I'll go over them again for Immortal and rarer PvE only cards. If you have any questions or if I missed your favorite card feel free to tell me about it ^^