PVE Infinite Rowdy

    • PVE Infinite Rowdy

      The Combo this deck wants to get out is Chasing the Rainbow, Rowdy Piper, and Pocket Army. We want Pocket Army to have speed so that takes our Trinket slot covers that and One Eye Open as our champion to win the turn we get our engine running. The rest of the deck is getting to the point you can combo off, staying alive and finding your combo pieces, since the combo requires multiple rares you can obtain only from booster packs there's not going to be a lot of holding back budget wise here however it's not going to play random expensive cards that aren't going to help this pop off, however outside the core of the deck you can fill in the control aspects or move to a more midrange strategy with efficient troops and better removal, more of an inspiration for pve archetype than a list to build itself.

      One Eye Open

      Pocket Army (Pocket Protector)
      Rowdy Piper
      Chasing the Rainbow

      Oakhenge Ceremony
      Glimmerfly Dance (Glimmerfly Slippers)
      Mentor of Oakhenge (Ceremonial Guard) - (I actually need a copy of this equipment if anyone has a spare)
      Sunlit Sentence

      Wild Shard
      Brewed Ambrosia
      Well of Life
      Diamond Ice
      Wild Ice
      Remnant of Life

      There's quite a bit of room to expand what the deck does as it current uses only 3 equipment slots, more a proof of concept deck than a finely tuned arena clearer. Glimmerfly Dance isn't required to build as it's not easy to come across these days, you could use Chlorophyllia in it's place and if you want to cut the price of the deck down a bit Sunlit Sentence while amazing at keeping you alive and garnering advantage if not a known quantitative value could be Lullaby or Blinding Light, chest slot being open gives you the option to run Brilliant Annihilix geared to remove a non-prismatic card from play and lifedrain / pump team when it connects, likewise gloves open could allow you to run Repplipopper 4000, outside of swinging in with Pocket Army you could use the fact that an artifact is entering play to trigger other win conditions (War Machinist or Warpsteel Widget), the ramp it provides to perform a lethal burn to the ground, or Wildlife for 10 Walking Calamities on color, allowing you to run a different champion altogether.

      Side Note, Pocket Army isn't the only card this works with, with a sac outlet Boltwing Phoenix, or two Chasing the Rainbow or Necrophet/Xentoth's Inquisitor/Bog Walker (have to play them alternating to gain 2 resources or have the 2nd Chasing the Rainbow out) But Pocket army being colorless and low cost to begin with - while requiring a bit of warm up time to go infinite is one fewer cards or on color or both compared to the other options, but don't let that stop you from brewing some crazy combo deck. If that sac outlet is Hideous Conversion you don't need to worry about the +2 cost issue if that helps, would work with just one Chasing the Rainbow, and Rowdy Piper.

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