FRA: Razor Blaze

    • FRA: Razor Blaze

      Champion: Sharpshooter Sahas
      4 Apprentice Trio (both equips)
      3 Artisanal Sommelier
      3 Primordial Sabertooth
      4 Sunsoul Phoenix
      4 Visage of the Masquerade
      3 Heat Wave
      3 Purging Flames (Boots)
      3 Runic Avalanche
      3 Zygmunt's Game
      3 Chark Mart
      4 Cereberal Jack-hat (Chest)
      4 Forgotten Triolith (Weapon ofc)
      4 Brewed Ambrosia
      4 Feralfuel
      4 Ruby Ice
      7 Ruby Shard
    • You should seriously consider posting a synopsis / strategy along with the deck. Especially for newer players, the premise of the deck might not be immediately obvious. What makes it good? What are the cool combos? How do you justify having built this deck? What makes it work better than other potential builds?

      Just saying. :)

      "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
      - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well
    • looks like anti-aggro to keep the board clear, turns feralfuels and sommelier into card advantage and fills the crypt with actions for free/cheap phoenix to go wide with visage. Think like Sommelier -> Visage -> Triolith -> Runic Avalanche -> Phoenix would be a pretty solid curve out with 8 Visage and Phoenix swinging in for 20, if you hold off a bit or have to to deal with early aggression from the AI could be more explosive in later turns, or throw some wines on for crush.