FRA - Mono Blood Grish'xal the Profane - Heart of Carnage

    • FRA - Mono Blood Grish'xal the Profane - Heart of Carnage

      This deck is for the mid-tier PvE player, while accessibility to the cards is there for everyone you'll need to collect the pieces from Campaign, the Arena, Kismet's Reserve Oni Pack and Siege Packs.

      Unlike most of my budget builds the budget version of this deck does contain 4 PvP rares, that are currently sitting at around a buck each in Culmination of Blood, if you don't have these, and can't obtain them (perhaps the AH or Hexprimal/Battleshopper are out of stock) you can replace them with a discard, mill, reanimation, or removal of your liking. If you have the core of this build and are missing Culmination of Blood that doesn't mean you can't play it but many of the enablers for Heart of Carnage work well to enable this as well and I strongly suggest you look into obtaining a set.

      Budget Brew

      Champion Grish'xal the Profane, 24 Life Chaostouched champion with 1 Blood requirement 3 charges: Target troop gets +1 attack point this turn for each troop in opposing crypts.

      Heart of Carnage (Siege Packs) Chest - Carnage Plate
      Oni Assassin (Kismet Reserve Oni Packs)
      Naive Lackey (Herofall Common)
      Contract Killing (Killipede Optional Sidequest AZ1 Campaign - Limit 1 per Character) Weapon - Weapon of Choice
      Rot Cast (Armies of Myth Uncommon) Trinket - Rot Soup
      Splinter of Bokrug (Primal Dawn Common) Head - Bokrug's Veil
      Morsel of Madness (Frostheart Common)
      Dream Spider (Tranquil Dream Pack AZ1 Campaign) Gloves - Chitinous Gloves, Boots - Dream Galoshes
      Culmination of Blood (Frostheart Rare)
      Spectral Acorn (Kickstarter Reward from Spectral Oak)

      Blood Ice (Frostheart Common)
      Brewed Ambrosia (Frost Ring Arena Legendary)
      Blood Shard x12

      The Heart of Carnage clears the board and along with Grish'xal can end games very quickly, Dream Spider turns them on much earlier or late game - especially in multiples - can juice up your charge power quickly and has an unblockable body to put it on. Late game Rot Casts turning into a body to throw your charge power on in board stalls (usually when the opponent uses their own removal spells) is very versatile and it takes out early threats the AI throws at you. You will win surprisingly quickly against relatively difficult opponents, the low overall cost of the cards this runs gives you dominance over the early game and often ends it before bigger threats come down.

      Less-Budget Variation - more relatively expensive cards but nowhere near what some arena farming decks cost.

      -Morsel of Madness + Demented Whispers (Dead of Winter Rare)
      -Spectral Acorn + Nameless Devourer (Dead of Winter Rare)
      -Oni Assassin + Extinction (Shards of Fate Rare) / Massacre (Frostheart Rare)

      This version isn't so reliant on Brewed Ambrosia but there's a non-0 chance you'll get off the turn 1 Culmination in Blood off some dream spiders - more likely if they have a target for Contract Killing. Demented Whispers slows down their hand as well as buries cards, and escalates, and offers a secondary win condition in Mill if you draw poorly or none of your troops can stick around to connect a killing blow. Nameless Devourer is either an early 5/5 Crusher that you can pump up later for lethal they can't block effectively or at least 1 troop in a crypt and likely hitting more with burying 10, very efficient card for the deck and if you're building the budget brew this is the second PvP Rare I'd suggest getting for this after Culmination in Blood, just a better Splinter of Bokrug who is amazing in this deck in it's own right being evasive and counting for a troop in the crypt after it dies as well as burying 12 cards. Oni Assassin is extremely powerful and a very ideal option for a board clear in blood as anyone with enough time to farm gold can get a playset from the oni packs - and in the process get many other great stuff, but it's heavy reliance on blood thresholds to be played at all and through that it's reliance on Brewed Ambrosia make it less reliable, with your low cost removal in the deck you should be able to get to 4 resources and play Extinction when it needs to happen, a lot of the time in this version of the deck you'll find yourself winning with Extinction sitting idly in your hand - but you're winning so no complaining lol. Without Oni Assassin the need to pop an Acorn to get a win against more difficult (or lucrative - in the case of dragons) opponents is less immediate and having more variety of threats and synergy is better than getting Heart of Carnage so frequently - the deck can and will win without it showing up but that's a positive really. If Extinction is too difficult to obtain perhaps go for Massacre, in addition to being more available your Heart of Carnage are fairly likely to survive the wipe and swing through, but it's not guaranteed to clear the field in the same way - despite that having both options you still may prefer the way massacre plays.

      I mentioned this briefly above but the effect of Chitinous Gloves stacks exponentially with copies of Dream Spider you have in play, they're really powerful if you get 2 or 3 down. Burying until you hit 1 troop means your Culmination in Blood and Heart of Carnage get 1 cheaper, but two spiders buries until you hit 4 troops, three spiders buries until you've seen 9, and 4 until you've seen 16. Most AI encounters in the arena are going to run out of cards very quickly if you're ever in that situation and turn 2 spider off a contract killing into turn 3 spider makes the game end so quickly - truly great card and makes otherwise unkeepable hands immediate keeps if this was just a 0 cost bury 5 (Which would absolutely still be played, you just wouldn't keep a hand with only these and removal in it).

      I love that this deck is powerful and rewards players who seek out different PvE experiences the game has to offer, gives you a reason to revisit adventure zone 1 despite it not being the best gold farming, do those optional side quests, turn in your gold for Oni Packs, and Attack/Defend other players sieges to get the tokens to find those Heart of Carnage - which is the only way to obtain them if I remember correctly they can't be traded and are account bound. Kinda wish I could pick up a couple to send to new players who might want to try this deck but it makes them that much more exciting to actually acquire and use I suppose. Best of luck putting this one together!

      <3 - Arti

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