cool story bro. (PVE)

    • cool story bro. (PVE)

      I just had a fun thing happen. I am playing a deck built around Hope on the Horizon. It is a card that lets you re-use your Deploy abilities multiple times. One of the cards in my deck is Builder Bot (with equipment) It is a fun card by itself with a WIDE range of results, but when you get to re-use it over and over the power balances out to something reasonable.

      Anyway, I was playing the Shinhare Abductor. He has 999 life. And I got a card from my Builder Bot where if you tapped it, you'd put a copy of it into your deck. Once you do this enough times you can have 6 of them in play and tap all to deal 5000. I managed to one shot the Shinhare Abductor for 5000 damage and avoid his second form. I thought that was pretty cool. Never beat him like that before and I've played a TON of PVE.

      So, do you have any cool bro stories from PVE you'd like to share?
    • A lot of my old pvp decks are cool story bro decks, one for example ramps to Eternal Invoker to cast Comet Storm on their turn after they draw whatever, rest of it's great topdecks, Matriarch of Flame for example is amazing when you all of a sudden have 10 more resources and ruby thresholds. The Aegilus Gargalith pillow fort deck I'm using in the ladder now. A self mill reanimator deck that inspired all the double damage and lifedrain from beyond the crypt that overhealed me to death once. Used to be you could rng into a 9 cost troop that was the triumvirate and win games out of nowhere you didn't deserve to, can do similar shenanigans now with an army of dreadlings polymorph army powered by war drums.

      There was a handful of cool story bro streams haha, Dinotropia's Four Keeps, ThrawnOmega had the best Hex gameshow / dungeon minigame thing - similar to campaign dungeons but with his own themes and restrictions, Alucard did all the dream drafting, and Pandemica's spider cave of doom Beat Offs spring to mind, but there was so many.

      There was a guild EDH tournament I joined back in the day, my opponent got turn 4 Triumvirate - the hard way, I would have cried if it didn't make me so happy to get wrekt so thoroughly haha.