Budget Terror Mill

    • Budget Terror Mill

      Fever Bloom (Frostheart Uncommon)
      Phenteo's Gift (Vennen Campaign AZ1) (Weapon/Armor)
      Nazhk Lookout (Vennen Campaign AZ1)
      Lunacy (Armies of Myth Common) (Trinket)
      Spiraling End (Frost Ring Arena) (Boots)
      Chaotic Murmurs (Campaign AZ1) (Helmet)
      Dream Eagle (Campaign Tranquil Dream Dungeon) (Gloves)
      Emerging Blasphem (Dead of Winter Uncommon)
      Spectral Acorn (Kickstarter Awarded from Spectral Oak)
      Blood Ice (Frostheart Common)
      Blood Shard
      Sapphire Ice (Frostheart Common)
      Sapphire Shard
      Root of Cunning (Doombringer Common)

      Championed by Nin the Shadow - Cards listed as 4 ofs except Sapphire Shard is 8x. Nulzan and Cheesesmyth are hard to win in the arena however Terrorantula Blasphem Spiderling and Dream Eagle beats can get you there, in those encounters getting terrorantula eggs into the deck as early as possible is really important. If you're going to grab some upgrades for the deck Cult of the Nameless City and Demented Whispers are likely your cheapest upgrades, while chronic madness your most powerful one, if you do get an upgrade replace Lunacy as the weakest card in the deck and grab either the trinket for Nazhk Lookout or Fever Bloom - maybe Fever Bloom as the better option as there's quite a bit of early aggro in the arena now and having a blocker could win the game. The deck only splashes blood for Phenteos Gift and Spiraling End - because they're that good, but the resources to hit double sapphire early on to enable your Dream Eagles and Emerging Blasphems when they're low enough to drop is important. Well of Cunning and Nameless Draught probably high on the list of things to pick up replacing Root of Cunning and Sapphire Shards respectively.

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