MetaHex Community Love

    • MetaHex Community Love

      Thanks to all the players who keep the chat alive in game, inspire me to write on the forums from time to time, and keep me company whilst I smash the AI to bits. Shout out to ReluxTheRelux for always making me feel heard on the forums <3 Keeping the dream alive while we wait to see how Hex will develop as the years go by you're all amazing and I'm always blown away by the community we have. It's not what it once was but it's still a beautiful thing.

      I used to hop on through the holiday season to check out the new promos and partake in huge tournaments like the Platinum Plunder, don't expect to see any of those things but merry melee and siege keep me pretty entertained still. Go poke at my siege if you like - Artifaction is my ign, currently it's got Monopoly Money an Oni and Slaughtergear mono sapphire deck - no Frostmares or Empress of Ice to contend with, a middle of the road ruby aggro, and a budget friendly mono diamond lifegain arena deck (less Acorns).

      Also if anyone can throw me some Spectral Acorns I have a few newer player friends who are in need but don't have an oak myself, used to have a hundred or something but the stockpile has dwindled lol. Or if you can send a playset to FireWeaver on my behalf I'd appreciate it, sorry other new people I can't remember your game names off the top of the head here but I'll be sure to grab some on the cheap if I see them on the auction house. Some Ps4 converts checking out arena and campaign plus the defender side of siege and new players just discovering Hex all you are very welcome and hope you enjoy the experience they've put together for us all to enjoy.

      Be around a bit more before the new year on this borrowed laptop killing time in California between comedy sets, but once I get home I'll be doing some streams if you want to hang out. Going to check out the ladder to try for some cosmic coins, always doing the frostring arena for gold and dragon hunting, whatever merry melee shenanigans are afoot and siege like I said before - swing by and ask me to take yours out unless your names HellCrescent because I'm not made of money mate. I'm on twitch at ignnicholasiv but won't be live there until early 2020.

      It's cool to see new promos coming out for the ladder and tournaments when they fire, maybe if we can't get new event promos bring back some of the older ones? Maybe get non-AA versions of the holiday promos to differentiate between the first releases and the new ones? If you can't get new art for them it's all good - still lots of love here for the game and the community.

      - <3 Artifaction