Merry Melee Dingleton Decklist

    • Merry Melee Dingleton Decklist

      The list was roughly based on an arena deck I was playing the first time Dingleton rolled out and haven't had a chance to play the format until today but it's 3-0 so far and always fun games.
      (sorry for typos on a borrowed laptop, not used to the keyboard and some keys kinda stink)

      Haraza the Incinerator

      Arcane Focus
      Thunderfield Seer
      Zygmunt's Game
      Arcane Alacrity
      Runic Missile
      Light 'em Up

      Cerebral Fulmination
      Crimson Clarity
      Psycotic Anarchist
      Crackling Wit
      Storm Cloud
      Chimera Bot
      Gain Ground
      Howling Madness
      Mad Doggin'

      Reginald Lancashire
      Scraptooth Brawler
      Lanupaw's Sight
      Bounty of the Magus
      Replipopper 4000
      Runic Passion
      Feral Formulation
      Yeti or Not
      Dreamsmoke Diva
      Spellbobble Gobblers

      Gore Feast of Kog'Tepetl
      Royal Falconer
      Duplicitous Duke
      Silver Talon Mandate
      Runic Upheaval
      Runic Riddles
      Spellstorm Titan

      Mastery of Time
      Runic Avalanche
      Confession of Embers

      Army of the Arcane Cinder
      Sunsoul Phoenix
      Bogberg, the Great Gobbler
      Fortress of Ayotochi
      Astral Sight
      Eyes of the Heart


      The Kraken

      Enorged Gobbler

      15 Ruby Shards
      14 Sapphire Shards
      Crackling Vortex
      Shard of Innovation
      Shard Prism
      Well of Innovation
      Ayotochi Coins
      Ruby Ice
      Sapphire Ice
      Nameless Draught
      Heart of Agony
      Remnant of Innovation
      Root of Innovation

      The deck plays like a storm deck, a few payoff cards like Engorged Gobbler, Sunsoul Phoenix, and Spellstorm Titan. The majority of your troops are things you'll have summoned in by other card effects, Candlelight, Replipopper, Tentacles or Stormlings. Both strategies fuel Yetigeddon and several buffs to your wide army of token-ish troops from your charge power, C.A.G.E., Pulverazor, and Yeti or Not filling various roles.

      It could benefit from other cards to push your troops through, Lazgar's Vengeance or Psychic Ascension could be great ways to get there, one of it's strengths is smoothing draws to ensure you hit shards to cast your more impactful spells, and great synergy. Having two or three cards with runic proc the turn your Spellstorm Titan comes down can just end games, pushing your advantage with Mastery of Time or Gore Feast early can put enough pressure on your opponent to give you the time you need to setup combos and finishers if it doesn't end things outright. It's a bit weak to crypt hate - though it doesn't entirely rely on access to the crypt, and sweepers clearing the board puts you into recovery mode, though it has cards like Army of the Arcane Cinder to bounce back from big board resets and if left unanswered can end the game on it's own.

      Thanks to woodelf in game for suggesting I put the list out there, one of my favorite things about this format is you can fill your deck with fun cards that wouldn't normally see play and have them be super good, and as far as constructed formats go this is one of the cheaper ones to get into. You can absolutely put high power uncommons and low cost legendary cards most players aren't interested in and are relatively easy to pick up on the auction house in your deck and win some games, some cards that are pricier are less of an issue as you only need one of them, and if you want to dump resources into getting all the alternate art cards and extending the art to make everything look as beautiful as Hex is known to be you can still go all out.

      See you in the Melee <3 Arti