Newbie advice

    • Newbie advice

      Hi, new player and need a little direction, given the current state of things. I am really enjoying the PVE game, and am considering dropping $20 on Platinum. However, is the game going to be continued? Would hate to spend the money (not much, I know, but still) only to find out the servers will close next week. Also, what should I get? Packs? Auction house? A pre-made deck? There are so many cards and my current inventory has basically only starter cards. I think I like orcs and elves (if that matters), so, is there a particular set I should focus on? Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
    • Servers are unlikely to shut down but there is also unlikely to be any changes what so ever in the short term so only spend if you are enjoying what is and not hoping for more.

      The best thing to buy would probably be one of the constructed decks or lose cards depending on if you have any interest in pvp or only want to pve.
    • There is no reason to believe that the servers will close or that new content will be released for the foreseeable future. I expect Hex to coast on in its current condition for years, barring significant unexpected events. If you're having fun and want to spend $20, go for it.

      Considering that you are interested in orcs and elves, I would advise against buying packs. However, I would advise looking at the cards in Herofall and Scars of War. Specifically, you will find both elves and orcs that utilize the "Valor" mechanic, and "Conscript" cards can create any Ardent troop of the specified cost (if you don't mind some randomness). There are plenty of decent buffing and damaging actions available too. If you want to use the Auction House (which I personally don't find very well-designed, but it is functional), you could get decent synergy with a Wild/Ruby deck made up of commons and uncommons from those sets, assuming people are selling them. Elf champions naturally have this shard preference; orc champions can use a decent number of Wild cards at level 7.

      If you don't want to use the Auction House to buy single cards, I would suggest getting the Locke of the Pack Collector's deck. That deck itself has few orcs and no elves, but it is the only one with a Wild/Ruby shard pairing, so both your Orc and Elf champions will be able to utilize the cards.

      Furthermore, if you want to try some PvP for free, about half of the Merry Melee modes have decks provided to you and are very random. 3 wins gives you a random standard rare; 4 wins gives you a Doombringer pack; 5 wins gives you both. You can enter as many times as you want, so you can slowly expand your collection that way too.

      I'd also like to add that it is possible (not easy, especially for a new player, but technically possible) to beat the existing PvE campaign content (minus a few extra hard optional encounters) using only the cards that you pick up in the campaign. - I personally went through a special challenge of only using the cards that I picked up with the character itself, ignoring everything else in my collection, and was successful; Adaptatron is awesome, if you manage to find one.
    • Orcs and Elves both have great cards you can collect from the campaign and to a lesser extent the frost ring arena. Hunger of the Mountain God has won countless games and you get one relatively early on in the orc campaign, Xocoy a bit harder to target farm from the arena might be worth a few platinum to grab from another player (or maybe free if they have spares I think I have one up for grabs message me). The elves are a bit more iffy, but the Festival Barker from early on AZ2 is really strong, solid elves pop up in the adventure zone packs from pvp sets, Thorntwister and Emberleaf Evoker great cheap pickups that trigger casting 5+ cost cards effects cheaply, not an elf but you can grab Skittering Skarn for any ruby aggro deck in Az1 I think one of the mushroom houses has it, Feralroot Jaguar as well. You can get a lot of power out of your champions as well - Elf Warrior or Ranger and Orc Cleric can give you a huge edge and bonuses that might change which cards you want to go after with platinum.

      The games not going to shut down (probably) - and as it continues your collection will be maintained into whatever Hex becomes down the road. Whatever Hex 2 will look like you'll keep your stuff n things. If you want the best possible deck for anything it'll cost you a bit still, even with the current diminished prices of many things, but if you want pure power and a high chance of victory you can get that with just time and the generosity of the community members Hex has retained. If you're enjoying the game and think 20 bucks towards the devs and platinum towards instant gratification is worthwhile I 100% support that decision. Good luck and have fun :)

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