Friday Update - For The Imagination

    • I maintain long-term cautious optimism for something big happening in several years, but I doubt that anything small will happen sooner. I'm not confident enough to actually expect a HEX2 launch in a reasonable timeframe, but hope doesn't cost anything (no Kickstarter to get invested in this time). If it doesn't happen, then nothing changes, and even though it has stagnated, I still think HEX is fun to play.

      I am not surprised that there has not been any more communication, nor do I anticipate any. There are many reasons for this, including not wanting to make what will end up being false promises when things change during development, not wanting to fall short of development milestones or not appear to be making progress due to unexpected issues, and not wanting to get slowed down by a bombardment of requests/suggestions/advice (whether valid or not, it still takes time to read and respond to) from the community. This may not be the best course of action, but I understand the reasoning behind it. Consecutive "We're still alive and working on something special, but we can't say anything about it yet, so just wait" announcements have diminishing impacts anyway.

      That being said, now that we are back to the start of the Merry Melee rotation, I am no longer as interested in playing on a regular basis. Likewise, I'll probably stop checking the forum as often, since the pulse of activity here has pretty much subsided. These last 2 months were nice, but I'm ready to move on again.
    • I 100% saw no chance of consistent 'development updates' - that would've been a ridiculous expectation, especially given the expected timeframe... but I will admit to some small amount of hope that they would've had someone routinely come in here and just be a presence on the forums, whether it be about chatting about real-world stuff, other games, events in tournaments, interesting deck ideas(Whether meta or silly), or even just silly forum games...

      I won't claim to have EXPECTED it, but there was some hope. Oh well, maybe in a few years.
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