3 suggestions from a PvP playter

    • 3 suggestions from a PvP playter

      I've thought a bit about what I would like to see with HEX. The first suggestion is just a wish (and could earn a bit of money if it's easy to implement), the other are to get players to be able to play more. I think that most of this is a "cheap" solution to get some new cards while getting more tournaments going.

      Release the remaining Remnants

      I know that there isn't enough money to release a new set, but what about releasing a small set LCG style? The last 5 remnants and maybe one prismatic card for each of those five shard pairings. Heck, just the remnants would be enough. Sell this set like a preconstructed deck for either Platinum or $$$ (for a reasonable price, like 200p/2$ per card in the set).

      Lower the price of playing Immortal (or up the prices)

      Immortal Gauntlet cost 500p per run. If you manage 5 wins you get 5 packs and a few AAs. With the game population being what it is, packs are hard to convert into new entry fees. Why not make Immortal Gauntlet free and lower the prices to be something like this:

      3 wins: 1 AA War Machinist, 1 random rare.
      4 wins: 1 AA War Machinist, 1 booster pack.
      5 wins: 1 AA War Machinist, 1 AA Inquisition, 1 booster pack.

      You could also maybe reward cosmic coins for playing, either as prices or after each won match like Cosmic Ladder. This way Immortal would be less of an investment to play and there might be more activity in the queue. More Immortal played means more players willing to play in Immortal tournaments.

      Kill the current Bash/Clash and revive them

      I haven't seen a Bash/Clash fire in a long time. According to hexpvptools the last Bash/Clash was over a year ago. Instead of having them each week, have less of them. Like 1 tourament per week, alternating between formats and starting time. For instance:
      Week 1: Bash (NA friendly time)
      Week 2: Bash (EU friendly time)
      Week 3: Clash (NA friendly time)
      Week 4. Clash (EU friendly time)

      Keep them as 4 round tournaments, or move to the older style with swiss into a top 8 cut. I don’t know if they would still fire, but it would be a more “exclusive” tournament.

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