• VIP PROGRAM ideas

      VIP program ideas:

      What this game need most?

      Answer is lots players online always.
      If we have enough players, then all games starts fast and chat is active all time.

      Also more money to make this game more.

      How to get that?
      With VIP programs.

      Most important thing to get in VIP is 1 free draft every week. Or 3 free packs of any sets what are currently in store to PVE players. PVE players lose then that 100p what cost to enter draft. So maybe compensate that with gold. with current ratio it would be 30k gold
      This way we get lots more often drafts firing and PVE players get reason buy VIP.

      Pro player/ grand king etc KS players maybe dont like this, because its KS bonus what shouldnt be available to others anymore.
      But they can buy this VIP also to get extra free draft every week.

      There could be several different VIP programs.

      1. DRAFT
      2. EVO
      3. SEALED

      or LIMITED GAMES VIP which includes 1 ticket to all 3 every week.
      Then there could be also IMMORTAL VIP which give free entry once every week to HEX PRIMAL IMMORTAL GAUNTLET
      AND PVP VIP which give all 3 LIMITED GAMES VIPs and IMMORTAL VIP

      This might make Collector KS players also bit upset, but i would like also that there is COLLECTOR VIP.
      And that gives 1 AA card always when COLLECTOR KS get 2 of them.

      Then PVE VIPs

      there is different VIPs also. All are time based. 1 month or several months or year. So always when u got VIP program going u get this boost.

      1. GOLD BOOST example 50% more gold from everything in PVE
      2. LOOT BOOST. 1 extra loot (card or equip) from FRA bosses, 1 extra loot from PVE packs when u open them.
      3. EXP BOOST example 50% more exp to everything. It affect to account exp and campaign champions exp

      or PVE VIP what includes all 3 PVE boosts.

      and last SUPERHYPERMEGAULTRAVIP which inlcludes all VIP bonuses in 1.

      There could be more VIP bonuses, but anyway most important is that free draft every week. VIP must have that.
      And ofc those VIP tournaments keep going and always get 1 VIP ticket / month like this far.

      What u think about this VIP ideas?